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It doesn't mind leftovers.

Introducing the 1973 Beetle: Re-introducing the 1972 price: $1999.
The 1970 Volkswagen.
The 1962 1/2 Volkswagen.
Volkswagen overdoes it again: 4 coats of paint.
We don't have to start from scratch each year.
It's what we do here that makes it worth more here.
Our number one salesman.
It's been replaced.
The Volkswagen for people who refuse to drive Volkswagens.
For 1971, we improved the left side rear window.
Practice makes perfect.
What if you only need part of a Volkswagen?
After we paint the car we paint the paint.
An amasing new ingredient now comes in this familiar package.
Presenting the 84 mpg Volkswagen.
Why you should open a window before you close the door of a Volkswagen.
It's a whole different car inside. The 1973 Super Beetle.

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