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Expensive used.Cheap new.

How to tell the year of a Volkswagen.
Is the economy trying to tell you something?
We improve with age.
The Super Beetle.
We have a great future behind us.
There's nothing wrong with a Volkswagen that a bigger trunk, a few more doors, a really comfortable interior, a bigger engine, better brakes, a heater that works, refined aerodynamics, improved suspension and a really nice selection of colours couldn't fix.
The fastest moving thing in the desert is a beetle.
The idea behind the Volkswagen Squareback Sedan.
"A funny thing happened when I decided to expose that phony floating Volkswagen commercial."
Introducing a revolutionary new small car.
Superbug triumphs in the never ending battle against the evils of the road!
Last one to conk out is a Volkswagen.
The last thing you'll need is power steering.
The best kept secret in Washington, D.C.
You don't have to take it on a shakedown cruise.
We'd like to show you the 1,000,000th Volkswagen, but it's been sold.
32 mpg 50 mpg 28 mpg Why?
Who in the world seals the bottom? Volkswagen.

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