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Vintage VW Commercials

Vintage VW Print Ads

Nobody's perfect.

Need a part?
How to make a '54 look like a '64.
Why is our nose so stubby?
All for the price of a fancier priced car.
It isn't so.
Live below your means.
With 34 wives, even a king has to cut a few corners.
We've gone places!
That's how many times we inspect a Volkswagen.
Think it over, New York, Chicago, San Francisco.
30 years later, he got the bug.
Slightly convertible.
The dawn of the Sun Bug.
Volkswagen's automatic stick stift. It's easier to use then it is to say.
We've had 23 years to straighten out our bugs.
It comes in three economy sizes.
Every new one comes slightly used.
We made the car go faster. And the engine go slower.
Pick the right day to test drive a VW and you'll have the road to yourself.
The $35,000 Volkswagen.

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