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Close to Home

After many years of being out of the VW scene, I had been searching once again for an old Beetle. I had owned a few Bugs and a Bus over the decades and had really missed having an air cooled vehicle. While on vacation in Laughlin Nevada with my wife and received a call from my father-in-law in Lake Havasu City Arizona. Knowing that I was interested he said that he had seen an ad for a 1973 Super Beetle.

Later that day, we made the short drive to Lake Havasu to check it out. The price was right, it ran, drove and stopped and that was good enough for me. We drove it around Lake Havasu for the weekend while debating if we were going to take a chance on driving a car that I barely knew the history of across country. During this time the car was named "Butters" by my wife after the South Park character. The decision was made to leave it in the garage of the family vacation home in Havasu and ship it back later.

After a month of dealing with several auto shipping companies, I finally found one at the right price and one that I trusted. In June of 2018 it was now finally sitting in my driveway. I knew once buying it was going to need some things taken care of mechanically and cosmetically, such is the case when buying a car of this age. There was a lot of amateur wiring, lighting and patching of this and that. Also some cheap carpet used to hide a cracked dash.

While this is by no means a restoration, I just wanted it to be functional and look good enough that I would enjoy driving it. As with every other VW owner, the work and transformation is never done. I still want to replace the upholstery and add a nice steering wheel. This car is a driver that I can continue using without the downtime of a full blown resto. During the last couple of years, I have replaced the carpeted dash with a fiberglass dash pad, replaced the stock wheels with Empi 8 spoke wheels, replaced the stereo and generally started replacing any engine and suspension items that I wasn't quite sure of.

The longest trip it has been on since I've owed it has been to VW weekend in Eureka Springs, Arkansas which is about a three hour drive. Besides that, it tends to stay close to home, going to local car shows and driving around town as the weather allows. I plan at some point to apply some undercoating to the floor pans. This has been a desert car all its life and want to keep it as rust free as I can, so therefore, I never drive it in the rain. Even though Butters will always be a work in progress, I hope to have him in the family for many more years to come. I hope you all enjoy my little 1303.

Jeff Pierce

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