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The Long Drive Home

Just bought my first Volkswagen. I've had and worked on several classic American, Swedish and even French cars in the past and I've always wanted a Beetle, but especially my wife. The Super Beetle had seat belts in the back and that's a very important point when wanting the whole family to enjoy this Volkswagen. This was probably one of the craziest things I've done. Getting the car home to Northern Sweden from the south of Sweden.

I took the night train and finally arrived the next day at the sellers home. I bought the car not knowing much honestly and began my fourteen hour journey home. Keep in mind this is Scandinavia, and Spring hasn't really arrived up here yet. Well, first thing that happened was the car died at idle. I had no idea about the fuel cut off valve and it was disconnected. Secondly, the battery wasn't charging. I was able to avoid idle for the most part, but timing the roundabouts was stressful to say the least.

A friendly old man at a gas station walked up from nowhere with a battery booster and I was going again. I then happened by a shop and stopped. Bought a new battery hopefully to get me home. Driving with lights off, I started getting closer to home. Eleven hours later, this was the longest part driving through hours of desolate snowy forest with no help in sight if something should go wrong. Fidgeting with the levers in-between the seats I actually found a little warmth! Until then my legs were starting to shake and I had to pull a blanket over me while driving.

A few hours later I began seeing signs of home and instantly fell in love with the VW. She put up with this stupid test and and a driver ignorant to her needs. FINALLY, I pulled into my parking spot and I was home, desperately needing coffee and to cool my nerves. She now has a new voltage regulator and the idle cut off valve is fixed. This was only a few days ago and already my wife has driven the the whole family with all faces smiling. I'm giving myself an intensive crash course in Beetle mechanics and taking it one step at a time.

Brandon Rickard

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