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Super Beetle Feature

1303 Drag Beetle

I started looking for a car at the age of 18 years, as soon as I had my driving license. I bought my first Beetle very quickly and don't even know why but I wanted a Beetle for my first car. But since that day I've owned a 70', 65', 64's, 62', T1, T2, Fastback, 411, and a K70. Today I have 6 VWs and two of them are 1303s.

One is my dragster and the other is a future car for my sister. My racing adventure started five years ago when I was going to a lot of drag races. After many races I didn't want to be a spectator anymore, I wanted to become a driver. So I started looking for a Beetle for my drag racer project.

I bought a friend's 1303 Super Beetle in 2014 and it was in very bad condition with lots of rust. At least the rust was lighter than carbon fiber...lol! I worked with friends on it for about a month to go to the Das Drag Day. The engine in my drag Beetle has evolved every year since I got it. Started out with an 1835cc, then a 1915cc, and a fresh 2054cc will come in few months.

The entire race car was repainted for a fresh look.I created this VW dragster in association with my two friends Arnaud and Michael, known as the SF4 Racing Team. We each have our VW drag car and have had lots of good times racing them and our goal is finish in under 12 seconds. I bought a 1303 Super Beetle for my first project because I had a low budget, but now I absolutely love this car!


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