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Long Time Coming

This project has been a long time coming. My parents were original owners of this Super Beetle and bought it off the VW lot in October of 1971. My mother often reminds me they brought be home from the hospital in it back in '74. When I was eleven years old, they said I would be getting a running car. "Anything else you want to do with it will be out of your own pocket" - Dad.

In the early 90s this was my daily driver for high school and college. I was able to get it painted 'Mariner Blue' around 1992. At the time, we shaved the blinkers, removed all the body trim holes and shaved off the front trunk handle. Through time as life happens, I ended up parking it around the early 2000s. It had a fuel leak and as a new parent, I didn't have the time (or money) to spend, so off it went to the side of the garage.

Around 2018, I picked up a new wiring loom and rolled it down to start tinkering on it. Years of neglect showed the clear coat had failed and this bothered me. It sat again for another couple more years. Come late 2020 during lockdown, I decided it was time. I had already pulled the motor a few years back. Stripped it down to the long block, cleaned it, and dressed it up just like I always wanted to as a teen.

I had already had a solid 1641cc in it before it was parked, however I did replace the rocker arms. Checked compression and thoroughly went through all the top-end parts cleaning or replacing. I have never painted a car and always wanted to learn, so I thought, heck, why not? After many hours of YouTube videos and Amazon orders, I was able to figure the conceptual process out. I only had a few dings to patch, but sanded all the old clear coat and in some cases like the fenders and roof down through the original orange.

Putting it all back together turned into an expensive "Might as well" endeavor. I bit the bullet and picked up some 17" wheels, added disk brakes and whole new suspension in the front from Top Line Parts, all new interior and of course a new stereo. Being my first car I've ever painted, I learned a lot. I can probably point out every imperfection on that thing, lol. But I'm happy it turned out exactly as I hoped.

Ryan Gamble

Laptop/Tablet Wallpaper

Mobile Phone Wallpaper

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