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Blame The Partying

In 1985 I was needing a new, more affordable ride. My previous car was an old souped up Impala that got 7 MPG! Fun but ugly and expensive. I checked out a few ads, looked at several "questionable cars" that were up or sale, but finally happened upon a tiny used car lot only about twenty minutes from my place. There in the middle of the lot sits this cute 1972 Super, silver metallic blue, bone stock with a ski rack on the back. Speaking with the salesman he told me it had been a young ladies car. I liked the colour more than most I had looked at so I asked to sit in it, as I'm over 6'3". Holy crap! I slide the seat back, adjust the seat, and I swear I could have worn a Stetson hat!

$1750.00 later she comes home with me and left her as is. It didn't need anything done at all, and I drove her to work everyday with no worries. Fast forward 3 years, I had moved to a small coastal town for work. I made new friends, got invited to a rowdy party, and end up being sent on a *beer run* with a drunk guy in the back is bugging me while I drove. Well we ended up sliding into a ditch, nothing major, but driver side fender needed work and touch up paint. I decided at that point she needed to look a bit more "masculine" LOL!

Off to the body shop to fix the fender, remove all of the trim and fill the holes, shave the front signals, shave the trunk latch, install one piece widows, tint added, picked up "Nerf bar" bumpers, found a cool pop up sun roof, redid the stock interior, blacked out the headliner, recovered seats and door cards with a deep red velour with a matching set of monogrammed mats. Then I topped it all off with a perfect super high gloss lacquer paint job! Now she reflects a bit of my taste.

A few more years pass and I upgrade the stock motor with dual Kadrons, header with dual QPS and 009 distributor. This was great for more years but I wanted more so I upped to a 1915cc with a 110 cam. I drove it EVERYWHERE, including a few road trips to California from my home in Vancouver BC. More years have passed and it's still my daily driver, It's been hit several times by careless drivers as well as twice in one snow covered night! So touch ups applied as needed, so now the paint is likely thick in spots.

Of course more upgrades have been done along the way, such as lowering struts, disc brakes, rear sway bar, gas shocks, heavier torque bars in the rear, H4 headlights and air horns. A fine fellow that does the show cars redid my interior with Hyundai low back buckets, Sewfine door panels, new rear seat upholstery and new carpet... I REALLY should have put sound deadener in at that time!

My 1915cc was still running fine, but after 15 years I still wanted just a bit more. I contacted my builder and we put in a 2276cc bullet, with 044 heads, a new torqey cam, dual HPMX cabs, 3.5l sump with remote filter, MSD 6AL coil and wires, Pertronix in the dizzy and a bunch of odds and ends. I discovered the on-line community of VW nuts and got a wealth of information that would have saved me a ton of money if I had known that in the mid 80s! Eventually I started attending the Great Canadian Volkswagen Show that we have here and made some friends. I got a lot of new ideas and even entered my Super a couple times and got two second place trophies in my class. Which blew me away considering the quality of the fantastic cars at these events.

I'm still adding on and want to go full LED next. I just added pop-out rear quarter windows that I should have installed decades ago. A new dash pad (should have just fixed the original as it was minor), new shoulder belts, mahogany Grant Steering wheel, Porsche 2.0 rims on the front and 205s rear strut stabilizer bar in the trunk. Gawd, it's all too much too remember over the 37 years she has been my only car. I may have gotten the installation order of a few things wrong... but I blame the partying.

Brock Reid

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