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Head Turner

I grew up in Golden, Colorado and my first car back in 1977 was a yellow 1974 Super Beetle with a factory sunroof. After that, I purchased a 1968 Beetle. I've always been a fan of Walt Disney so I re-painted my Bug to look like Herbie the Love Bug. I landed a job at an animation studio, Don Bluth Productions, they made "The Secret of Nimh", "An American Tail", "Land Before Time" and the arcade game "Dragon's Lair".

I got married and we drove "Herbie" out here to Southern California in 1981. Some folks at Disney spotted my Herbie and ended up using it (and many others) for a Herbie the Love Bug television show in the 80's. I always missed my VDubs over the years so about 10 years ago I found this 1974 Super Beetle convertible in Fresno, Ca. It was about 90% restored at the time. I continued tweaking it, (keeping it as original as possible).

Sadly it sat idle in my garage for 8 years, finally had it towed to a mechanic I trusted, and now I drive it to work almost daily! Runs like a Swiss watch. I absolutely LOVE driving it as often as possible!! A real "head turner!" My next goal is disc brakes for the front and then who knows...

Terry Shakespeare

Laptop/Tablet Wallpaper

Mobile Phone Wallpaper

Apple Instructions:

1. Touch one of the pictures above and "Save Image".

2. Go to "Photos" and select the picture.

3. Tap the box with the up arrow at the right top corner.

4. Tap "Use as Wallpaper" pinch to size and "Set Both"

5. You're done!

Windows Instructions:

1. Right click on one of the pictures above and select "Set as background"

2. You're done!

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