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AutoStick Delete

I got into Volkswagens with a fiberglass bodied dune buggy I bought from a coworker back in 1995 or so. Since then I've owned four previous Super Beetles over the years, but none as nice as this one. I found the 1973 Sunroof Super Beetle in spring of 2015 about 40 miles south of me. It had been sold twice from the original owner at that point and had been in storage for maybe 12-15 years.

When I went to look at it the first time I got the surprise of it being an AutoStick. I wasn't sure what to think, but surely wasn't going to pass the car up because it was all original paint, sheet metal, engine and transmission. I drove it around for the first year, all summer, during that time I started researching the original owner that was in the manual in the glove box. I ended up contacting his son, who was the person that sold it.

At the current time it is undergoing changes for the 2023 driving season here in SE Michigan, Luckily I often get in 4-6k of nice weather miles a year. I'm converting it to manual transmission, partially for reliability, but mainly because I love driving a manual and I am not getting rid of this car, ever. I acquired a nice set of dual Kadron carbs for it that I plan to install shortly. It currently has 24mm 944 torsion bars in back and Koni Classic red adjustable dampers all the way around.

In the long term there's some 944 disc brakes and wheels around here somewhere. Maybe even a turbo in the next few years, who knows? It will always be a dynamic project and always a driver. I don't think I'll ever go without owning a classic Volkswagen, maybe two.


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