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My Dad's Bug

I was finally able to purchase and bring home the 1974 Super Beetle that I have been keeping my eye on and hoping to purchase for the better part of 12 years. It has a lot of meaning to me and a cool story to go along with it in my opinion. My dad graduated college in 1973 and purchase this Bug when he got his first teaching gig. It was his designated driver, and he drove while dating my mom and even on their wedding night and I have seen many pictures and heard of many stories that involved the Bug.

When they had my older brother in 1978 they decided it was time to part with the Bug and get something more family friendly. At that point my grandpa decided to purchase it so that he and grandma would have a second vehicle if they needed it. I have a lot of memories of grandpa taking us for rides and even when my folks had to borrow it from time to time. I was always so damn embarrassed to be dropped of at school or get picked up from practice.

Sadly my dad passed and then my grandpa passed away in 2001. At that point my brother and I were both in college and broke and didn't really think either of us would want the Bug, so my grandma sold it to a friend of mine. A few years after school I was really kicking myself for that decision and told my friend that if he ever wanted to sell it to let me know. I reminded him of this over the years and sure enough I got a text from him asking if I still wanted it because he and his wife had decided to sell. With that being said, now I have my dads 1974 Super Beetle sitting in my driveway and couldn't be more excited about.

On to its condition. It seems to be in pretty good shape. It runs, drives and stops well. It has been maintained it's entire life and was never left just sitting for to long. The motor did have to be replaced a few years ago and has less than 5000 miles on the rebuild according to the invoice. The brakes were serviced earlier this year and new tires where installed as well. The rust seems to be minimal. I do not see any structural rust and the pan and strut mounts seem to be rust free There are some spots with surface rust as you can see and a few whiskey dings in the fenders, but nothing too major I don't believe. Just recently had a new 1776 DP engine built with a W100 cam, 041 heads and a Weber 34 ICT 9:1. Can't wait to install it!

Jeff Mueller

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