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Super Beetle Feature

Come Together

For as long as I can remember I was interested in mechanics and how stuff works. By the time I was 15 I was totally hooked on cars, more specifically old cars. A good friend of mine bought a 1983 Jeans Beetle when we were in school, at that time I wasn't really into Beetles that much. I am designer by education, and he got together with some friends to start a small old-timer group. He asked me to make a logo for the group and said I could go with him on a drive with his friends.

Of course once you get into a Beetle it's hard to not like them as we all know. That feeling didn't stay with one drive but a lot more followed and with that the love for Beetles grew. Fast forward a year and there I was looking through the local classifieds not finding much. Couple of days went by looking and searching for the one, when suddenly a FaceBook post sparked my interest, a 1973 1303 Super Beetle!

It looked good in the pictures, as most of them do, a good price and most important of all it was only a couple of kilometers away. It was the first one I really showed interest in and it was the one I bought. March 9, 2019 will remain in my mind and on my calendar for probably the rest of my life as the day I got into owning and enjoying Beetles.

So my ownership is pretty new, that said in the short time that I've owned my Beetle I've made a lot of memories and learned how to fix my Beetle. For example, I learned to set a carb on the side of the road at 11pm on a Friday night, that's what Beetling is about, right?

I sadly had a small accident with it a couple of months ago. Result of that was an irreparable fender, irreparable McPherson strut, molded bodywork, bend steering axle and a month of hard work. With that said I couldn't wait to get it to the painter, all of the work my dad and I did together. We learned along the way to work with fiberglass and filler.

For the future I plan on replacing the front bushings and do some beauty work on the body, for the rest my plan is to make it as close to factory specification as I can get. Maybe some small updates to make it stand out more, but nothing outrageous.

I just like the way people look, smile, wave or tell about their own memories of Beetles to me or my friends. It's amazing to see how people come together and enjoy the Beetle Owners Club locally and around the world through social media and on designated forums. I hope you got to like my little white treasure as much as I do through my story. Maybe we'll meet sometime in real life or on social media, until then goodbye!

Robin Van Dousselaere

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