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Super Beetle Feature

5 1/2 Years

This is my 1974 1303s Moss Green Super Bug. I've had it since I was 16 and now I'm 25. It was my first car and drove around in it for almost two years before I decided to do what I wanted to do with it. I took me 5 1/2 years to finish it and I did everything myself apart from the paint and a little help from friends. It's my take on a German Look Beetle with a 2332cc JPM engine making around 240+ bhp. Right now I'm busy changing the gearbox for a Burg 5-speed so it will be back on the road soon.

BBS RM Wheels 9J/8J
Adjustable Rear coilovers
Uprated Front/Rear anty roll bar
Porsche front brakes
Porsche Front and rear D,V,G disks
Kersure Rear brakes
Quafe diff Gearbox
Uprated gearbox Cradle
Intermediate gearbox mount
New gearbox mounts/rubbers
Uniball rear suspension
Willwood brake inline
Porsche Driveshafts 944
New Throttle cable
New Clutch cable
New Body Gasket
Adjustable front Struts
Kunifer Brake pipes and goodridge flexys
New Pedals
New Shift bush's
ATE racing blue brake flues
Brake line adjuster
Gear Box earth strap
Custom brake reservoirs
New steering damper
New Topline steering bush
New urethane suspension bushes front and rear

Front kami spoiler
Rear window spoiler
Carbon fibre bumpers
Carbon fiber running boards
German quality Window rubbers
German quality Door rubbers
German quality Bonnet/Boot rubbers
Number plate light cover
Boot light rubber
Bumper ions
rear vents
wing beading
New paint job (body was blasted to bare metal)
wiper motor
New glass with heated front and rear screens
reconditioned Steering box
Gas bonnet struts
Hella Indictors lenses smoked
Steering damper bush
Hella rear light
German quality Bonnet top rubber
Stainless steel Split pins
German quality Engine rubbers, firewall and bottom
New Bumper iron rubbers
Rear tyres 225/50/15
Front tyres 205/45/15
Bonnet pull cable
spacers 10mm left 20mm right 10mm front

Full aluminium Heigo roll cage
OMP steering wheel
Sparco boss kit
Corbeau bucket seats with leg supports
RST harnesses 3" green
VDO 52mm Gauges Oil temp, Oil pressure, Fuel, speedo
Custom leather Dash with metal centre wrapped in wood,
Heigo cross Strut brace
Dry sump tank
New Door caps, plugs, straps
New Heated screens looms with relays and switches
Porsche 614 speedo
Custom westfailer headlining and door cards
BugTech black shifter with custom 100mm extender
Custom made handbrake without heating adjustment
Custom made Jell battery holder and isolation
Eberspacher d2 diesel heater and controls
Custom made aluminium duel fuel tank, 90% petrol 10% diesel

Ali raised deck case
JPM Heads
JPM duel taper push rods
Scat crank 84mm
Dry sump tank
Raptor cam
Photer roller lifters
Dellortos 48 IDF carbs
ATE 200 brake fluid
Mallory fuel reg
Porsche fan kit colour coded with gold fan
123 ignition, leads, coil
JPM Wasp exhaust with motorbike end can
4" trumpets 48idf
5.5" air filers
Fuel/Oil fittings
Strait 1 on tank -6
90 x2 on tank -6
Bulk head fittings x2
Strait off pump
90 off pump
Pump fittings x2
4 bulk head fitting
6x 90 bends
4x 45 bends
6x strait fittings

Nathan James O'Neill

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