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Good Bones

I had been looking over the past several years for the right opportunity to come along on a Volkswagen Super Beetle. Price, condition, location, previous ownership, car history were all part of the equation for me. I wanted a project, but I did not want a rusted-out hulk. In simple terms, the bones needed to be good and the price had to be right because I would be putting a lot of money into it. After that, I felt confident I could deal with any other issues.

Enter Rosemary.....a 1975 Super Beetle Convertible.
" One owner: (are you kidding me?) Check!
" Local car: Check!
" Price $3500: Check!
" The car was in a sad state of disrepair, but the bones were good: Check!
" Convertible top good: Check!

Now for the not so good.
" Engine seized
" "A very drunk man" had washed it with a Brillo Pad and every square inch of the paint was badly scratched
" Dealer installed optional air conditioning unit...useless
" Not running for years and left outside uncovered
" Right rear quarter panel was damaged from and accident
" Doors barely opened
" Windows frozen
" Seats a mess
" Dash a mess
" Wiring a mess
" Rust was starting, but easily repairable

The car was purchased on February 15, 2020, two weeks before the COVID-19 quarantine started. I spent my entire quarantine bringing life back to the patient. It was meant to be. I saved her from the scrap-yard and she saved my sanity. I believe she now has another 45 years left in her (more than I do for sure). "Love grows where my Rosemary goes and nobody know like me"

Thomas Strohl

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