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1302 Super Beetle

32 Years

My name is Eamon McAtarsney and I live in Armagh City, Northern Ireland. The home of Saint Patrick and his first church. I lived in the New England area for several years back in the 80's and 90's and have many friends still in the area. My wife and my, now, family travel there often to visit. I shipped a few convertible Bugs home back in the day and always seem to have one hiding away somewhere as I acquire them over the years. It's a curse!

This July 1971 Convertible 1302S Formula Vee was special to me for some reason. I acquired it from quite a character who lived close to me in Ipswich Massachusetts. Dave's Foreign Auto shop was where I spied it and it hasn't moved in years. The four fenders missing, no bumpers along with many other donor parts removed to get someone else back on the road and a blue tarp covering the convertible top. Dave's German Shepherds home for a while too.

One Saturday night..well Sunday morning after sampling quite a few beers and around 3am Dave finally gave in and sold it to me! Sadly Dave passed away a few years after. I brought it back to my place in Ipswich and started a very basic restoration to get it road worthy for the rather long trip back to Ireland along with a few more I had acquired. My now, wife and a very close friend Maria are in the pic. Both are thinking..."Is he just crazy?"

Four new fenders were painted with an aerosol can or two and the engine wash flushed etc. and received a full service for the 54k that it had up to now done and all moving parts were gave the once over and within a few weeks I had a Mass Inspection sticker and she was ready to be brought down to New York for the boat home as I was returning to Ireland to get married and settle down.
Once on home soil in the early 90's I started the real restoration and stripped the car to its bare basics as at this time I had opened an auto body shop as it was my profession.

Customers came and went on a weekly basis and the bug got very little love. The sticker is still on the windshield from the roll on the boat deck from NY to Felixstowe in the UK and from there she was transported to Ireland by truck. That's as far as it got for several years! Marriage, a new home, kids. In the meantime other Bugs with less work involved were restored and moved on, while this poor soul lay in a dark dry shed, stripped and unloved. I knew someday I would restore it to its glory!

So moving on to 2015 I decided it was time to at least start a restoration and now being out of the auto body biz. I had a friend who let me use his workshop to restore. Although not much rust was on the body, the shell was blasted to bare metal and two new floor panels were fitted. Heater channels etc. were fine which was a great bonus! After several weeks of sanding and painting the wee girl was starting to look as she deserved again. The meccano set of freshly restored parts were loaded up and back to my garage at home to put all the bits together. It was a very slow rebuild as life still goes on and other projects get in the way. I loved working on it but only when no other jobs needed done.

My son announced his engagement in 2021 to get married and so it was the kick in the behind I needed to say "OK that's it!!" Any chance I got I put some quality time into the rebuild. EVERY nut, wire, screw and clip was either restored to its original glory or replaced. The bumpers were originally chrome but the quality wasn't great so I blasted the chrome off and done them black too as to me it suits the overall aesthetics. Doing a restoration of this quality takes many...many man hours and for things people will never see too! It's just me ....I'm picky.

I got a new hood sock commissioned and piped in yellow to match the paintwork as well as splitting the new seat cover prior to fitting to embroider in a VW emblem too in yellow. I got a new hood sock commissioned and piped in yellow to match the paintwork as well as splitting the new seat cover prior to fitting to embroider in a VW emblem too in yellow. Back to Dave who I bought the car from and his German shepherd who had chewed on the heater control levers knobs.

So I added a bit of bling! A close friend of mine owns Tinshop, a custom metal shop in Beverly MA and I commissioned a weathervane from Peter in 2017 while on a trip there. It sits proudly on my shed watching over my Bug. The Brass used for the car body was originally from an old Post Office counter in Freeport Maine. Moving on to the present day. We made it to my son's wedding! My son's dog Leo made it too. Only took me 32 years LOL

Eamon McAtarsney

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