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Bug Me Video - Electrical Troubleshooting:
I'm glad that I have the full set of Bug Me videos on how to maintain and repair my Volkswagen. These videos have saved me countless dollars in repairs and maintenance to my Super Beetle. So when I found out that Rick Higgins and crew was now releasing their famous videos on DVD, I was ecstatic. With the release of most titles on DVD, fast forwarding, rewinding and searching for what you are trying to find on Rick's latest DIY presentation is now "Super" simple, and makes the entire Bug Me Video collection much more user friendly.

Volume #10 - Electrical Troubleshooting starts off with basic battery care and then moves along to the Starting System. This is where Rick and his son Chad go over a very common problem with almost any car; no start. Working from the battery, to the ignition switch, and then on to the starter motor, you'll learn that it's not always one of these three items that can cause your trusty VW to play dead. Problems can range from old wiring to a starter solenoid that is drawing too much or too little current. And this DVD shows you how to pinpoint the problem by using a series of methodical steps. Other topics on this informative DVD are Charging System, "Turn Signal Arm", "Install Guages", "How to Solder" (you can get a sneak preview of this in our Tech Talk with Rick section) and one of the most popular questions that we get at the web site, how do you go about "Converting 6 volt to 12 volt"?

The DVD is a full three hours long and after watching it you'll be confident enough to take on almost any electrical problem that might pop up. Visit their web site and check out the nine other titles that will have your VW purring like a kitten. And remember what Rick Higgins says, "You can do it - Let us show you how!"

California Import Parts - CIP1

Replacement Window Regulator: The window regulator on a Beetle is a pretty interesting device. It consists of a track with a mount that attaches to your door glass, a spot for your window crank handle to fit on and a long screw-like coil that moves the glass up and down. Over the years these regulators can become stripped and generally difficult to raise, such was the case on my 1975 Super Beetle. It was "Super" easy to wind down, but you needed biceps like Arnold to roll it up. The only solution was to order a new one from California Pacific JBugs. It was a deal and arrived quickly via the local post office.

There are no instructions with the regulator so I figured that I'd just rip the door apart and sort it out for myself. Here's where you can learn from my mistakes. First, remove the window crank and armrest, then unclip and remove the door trim panel. If you temporarily put the window crank handle back on you can see how the glass goes up and down on the track. It's held on to the track by a couple of bolts. Unbolt the glass and lower it gently to the bottom of the door. When you unbolt the track you can carefully remove the glass from the door by sliding it past the bottom of the track. I covered mine with a cloth so I didn't scratch it when removing. After that, unbolt the piece that the crank handle is attached to. Now, you should be able to slide the whole thing out, but no. The tube that the coil is in passes through a small opening (inside the door) where the vertical channel for the vent glass is bolted in. I unbolted it but it is nearly impossible to get it out without removing the vent glass channel from the door. Somehow I pried the vent glass channel open enough to get the old regulator out and the new one in. But after working through those sharp little holes in the door my arms looked like I just finished wrestling with a Siberian Tiger. I loosely bolted the glass back in place and raised it to the top and then tightened the bolts that hold it to the regulator. To finish, install the door panel, armrest and window crank and you're done. Remember to put some white grease in the tube that the winding coil is in and you'll be good for years to come.

California Import Parts - CIP1

Replacement Sun visors: The sun visors in my Super Beetle were looking pretty bad. They had turned from white to yellow, became baggy as the stuffing fell to the bottom and the passenger mirror was flaking off. So I decided to replace my tired, discolored sun visors with some quality reproductions from Mid America Motorworks. Made to original specs in your choice of black or white grained vinyl, these visors feature a built in mount with Jersey Spring Clip mechanism for exact positioning. So the visor won't drop and remains tight, you can feel the quality as you rotate them into place. When I went to install them (a mere matter of removing and reinstalling two screws) I thought that I had ordered the wrong ones as the little arm didn't reach the hook that holds them in place. A quick email to Mid America Motorworks got me the answer, you simply swivel them back and forth and they extend to reach the clip. Brilliant!

Mid America Motorworks

Notice the crack in my old one.Replacement Plastic Seat Trim: If you're as fussy as I am, and I know that a lot of you are, you want your Beetle to be as close to perfect as it can be. Little problems start to add up and if you don't keep on top of them before long your Bug is going to be pretty sad. To me, it's all in the details, and I've noticed that people really take notice when your VW is looking mint. But finding trim items can be a chore with many of them discontinued or in short supply.

Well this is where California Import Parts steps in with plenty of hard-to-find items that can have your Beetle looking right proper. The item that I was looking for was the plastic trim that goes in the inside edge of the drivers seat. It's a piece of plastic that is quite brittle and in most cases cracks (as you can see in the picture of the old VS the new one). I was online at the CIP1 site and easily found the item that I was looking for. After a couple of clicks of the mouse it was on its way to me. When I got it in my hands I found that it had been improved over the original. It looks almost identical but is now made of a plastic that is pliable and won't break after a few years of use. The only thing is, I wish I would have ordered all four!

California Import Parts - CIP1

The Volkswagen Super Beetle Handbook: Okay, so you might think that this review may be a bit jaded since I wrote the first chapter in the book, The rise and fall of the Volkswagen Super Beetle, well it won't be. I'm reviewing the other 25 chapters that were written by Ryan Price, the former editor of VW Trends magazine. If you followed the restoration of Ryan's 1971 Super Beetle in VWT, then you know what this book is all about. The Volkswagen Super Beetle Handbook is a Restoration Guide for 1971-1974 Models that is made up of the articles that were published in VW Trends magazine under the name of Super Project '71. Those articles were a turning point for the magazine and made it more popular than ever. No longer was the Super Beetle being shunned, instead it was being featured. Super Beetle owners worldwide rejoiced.

More than just a collection of articles, this guide is packed with pictures and information that cannot be found anywhere else. You can learn from one of the best on how to take your Super Beetle from basket case to show stopper with ease. Chapters include Initial Inspection and Evaluation, and all the way up to Installing Exterior Body Parts and Trim. Once you get to that point, you're finished! I've seen people searching on The Samba to find missing issues just to get all of these articles, but now you can get them all in one slick package. This really is a must have for any Super Beetle owner... and the first chapter isn't too bad either .

The Volkswagen Super Beetle Handbook

The Love Bug, 4-Film Herbie Collection: Herbie has been a Disney favorite for years and in 2005 was revived once again for Herbie, Fully Loaded. But what about the original movie that started it all? What about the following movies that turned little number 53 into a household word? Well fear not, you can get the all four movies including, The Love Bug (1969), Herbie Rides Again (1974), Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo(1977) and Herbie Goes Bananas (1980) in a DVD box set online.

While every air-cooled VW owner knows about the world most famous Beetle, many haven't seen the movies that started it all. Personally, I really didn't have much interest in seeing any of these movies, that was until I got the set for Christmas. Since it was a gift from my lovely wife I knew that I should sit down and watch at least one of Herbie's adventures. Of course we started off with The Love Bug. A few minutes into the movie I was hooked on Herbie forever. I had seen this movie when I was a teenager and seeing it once again brought back so many memories. You would not believe how many Beetles and Type 2's that you can spot and it really is amazing to take the trip back to 1969 and see the Beetle in it's glory years.

Once we watched The Love Bug, we couldn't wait to watch the next, and the next, and the next. Included with this special edition is a bonus disc with audio commentary with Dean Jones, Michele Lee and Buddy Hackett, the 1969 Disney studio album, Herbie Mania, a featurette called "That Adorable Bug", deleted scenes and much, much more! Which one was the best? You're going to have to check them out for yourself to decide. Two thumbs way up!

Herbie DVD Box Set

VW Hoodie: These beautiful and original VW game day hoodies feature the iconic VW logo and will let others know where your brand loyalty lands. There's a fast growing collection of these fabulous VW hoodie designs for men, women and children and they are available in all sizes from XS to XXXL. Stay warm on your next jog outdoors or while you're sitting around the campfire on those chilly fall nights. VW logo screen printed on chest. 9.7 oz., 85/15 Cotton/Polyester 100% Cotton Face V-notch Crew Neck 2x1 Ribbed Spandex Enhanced Trim. The bottom line is that all of the Volkswagen licensed clothing and products shown here are not your typical run-of-mill products. They are all top quality, different, and very unique, just like all of us air-cooled Volkswagen owners, right?

Licensed VW Hoodie

Beetle Parking Only Sign: Smarten up your garage, bar, games room, man cave or she shed with this classic vintage-look metal sign. Let your friends and neighbors know that this spot is reserved for Volkswagen Super Beetles Only!
HIGH QUALITY, LONG LASTING - Made with first-class materials in the manufacturing of this 8 x 12" aluminum metal tin sign.
NO FADING - The graphics and wordings will withstand the elements and will not fade, no matter the sun, rain, or other extreme weather.
PRE-DRILLED HOLES FOR EASY MOUNTING - This premium sign has pre-drilled holes and can be easily mounted on every surface. No need for adhesives.
PERFECT SIZE - Carefully designed, the wording to stand out and to be easily understood by all non-Volkswagen parkers, lol!
PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS - Ideal for home, yard and driveway use this funny sign will bring smiles to the faces of all that read it!

Beetle Parking Only Sign

Front Disc Brake Conversion - By Ryan Ballou: For some reason we all seem so focused on making more power, being quicker, going faster, but what good is any of that if you can't come to a controlled stop? There are quite a few advantages to running disc brakes, some aren't even well known. The most obvious benefit is improved braking power and control. Discs are much less prone to fading as they heat up. Under heavy use, drums will dramatically lose stopping power as they begin to overheat.

To get my VW stopping on a dime I turned to the experts, Top Line Parts located in Anaheim, CA. Top Line has the well-earned reputation of being the 'go to' place for Super Beetle specific needs for over 25 years. My first impression of the front disc brake conversion kit was simply, wow, this has everything. My biggest pet peeve when taking on a project is having to stop because you need to make a run to the shop for parts. Not so in this case, the only things you'll need are normal shop supplies like brake fluid, brake cleaner, and wheel bearing grease. The kit includes Ghia rotors and calipers (pre-loaded with pads), making replacement parts a breeze to find. Top Line's trick billet aluminum caliper adapters indexed for right and left hand sides. Also included are a complete set of SKF wheel bearings, grease seals, stainless steel braided Teflon brake lines and pair of brake line holders to keep you lines clear of moving parts. Installation was easy thanks to excellent instructions that come included with the kit. I would recommend having the job professionally done since this is a safety issue and you don't want any problems when you need to hit that pedal hard.

I've had about a week now with the new brakes and I'm nothing but impressed with them. I did some driving in the rain and they worked flawlessly despite driving through some deep puddles. I've put them through their paces in some holiday stop and go traffic where I'd normally start feeling my old brakes fade a little, not even a hint of it with the discs. The pedal feel is absolutely great. It's like I'm driving a new car!

Disc Brake Conversion - Top Line Parts

Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit: got a goodie bag at European Interest Car Show that had a few interesting items in it. There were a couple of small bottles of car wash and interior spray by Meguiars. As usual I put these on a shelf in my garage thinking that I might get around to trying them some time in the future. After all, I had my tried-and-true cleaning products that had been doing a great job for years, did I really need any more? YES!! After trying these samples I run out and bought the real size products and went to town on my Beetle. When I was done it looked like it had just came out of the showroom in 1975! Highly recommended!

Includes 12 premium products to clean, shine and protect your paint, interior, wheels, bumpers and everything in between. Takes guesswork out of the equation.
GOLD CLASS CAR WASH: designed to blast away dirt and grime while boosting your VW’s shine
GOLD CLASS CARNAUBA PLUS LIQUID WAX: keeps your VW reflective and leaves long-lasting protection
ENDURANCE TIRE GEL: provides high gloss protection that keeps tires black with a dark gloss shine
ALSO INCLUDES: Clay Bars and Quik Detailer to remove bonded contaminants, ScratchX 2.0 to remove swirls and scratches, Quik Interior Detailer to clean and protect interior surfaces and PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish to remove defects on uncoated clear plastics, and accessories!

Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit

Urethane Bushing Kit: I think that most of you with a Super Beetle will agree that the "Super Shimmy" is one of the most annoying problems that our beloved cars have. It's that vibration that takes hold of your steering wheel and shakes it back and forth from about 45-55 mph! It's kind of embarrassing when you're taking someone for a ride and they're wondering "what's up" with your steering wheel while you try to ignore it and smile.

Top Line Parts has come up with a urethane bushing kit that is supposed to take care of this little problem. The kit contains all four lower control arm bushings plus sway bar mounts. I took my Super to see my friend Emilio at Progress Motors in Toronto to install them. We put the car up on the hoist and removed the sway bar and the mounts. The control arms have to be removed and the old one piece bushings pressed out with a hydraulic press. The new ones are two piece and can be pushed in by hand. They also come with a tube of special anti-squeak lubricant which you apply to the new parts. The bushings that came out were in pretty good shape and had most likely been replaced before with the OEM type. At this point I was wondering if the new kit would even help the problem. We bolted it back together and it was time for the road test.

The first thing I noticed is that everything seemed tighter. I tried to get her up to 45 mph but the street wasn't long enough. We drove around until I could find a suitable stretch of road to wind her out. I watched the speedometer as the needle climbed...30, 35, 40, 45....50, there wasn't a shake or shimmy to be found! Top Line recommends inspecting and replacing any questionable steering component before you do this installation. It worked like a charm for me! Check out the Top Line Parts website for tons of parts made for your Super Beetle!

Top Line Parts

Run Channel Rubbers: The run channels (or window felts) on my Beetle were getting a bit shabby so I thought that I should replace them. This is the part that the glass slides up and down in, on your Beetles front doors. It's a black rubber that is wrapped in cloth and has a slot in it that the glass fits into. I found the parts that I needed at the JBugs web site and ordered them online. The rubbers and a few other items arrived right on time and I contacted a friend of mine to get some tips on how it install them. To my surprise I was told that this would be a three hour plus job, per door. I was shocked and put the box containing the rubbers at the back of my garage intending to do this task some time in the future.

Well spring has sprung and before I take my Beetle cruising or to any VW events I want it in top shape, so I decided to tackle the installation one Saturday morning. After reading the step-by-step instructions that I got from Jeff Hamilton I started at it, and here is how it went. First you remove the door handles, trim panel and the moisture barrier. Unbolt the window regulator from the glass and gently lower the glass to the bottom of the door. I put a cloth between the regulator and glass so I didn't scratch it. Make sure that the regulator is wound all the way down. Grab the front section of the run channel and pull it out with a pair of pliers (it's glued in place). After that, you remove the rear section, which is held in by six clips with little grabbers on them. Do not break these clips as they hold the run channel and the chrome frame that holds the scraper rubber in place as well. Clean the front channel and glue (using an automotive adhesive like 3M) the front rubber in place. Now, starting from the front edge fit the rear run channel section in place (you may have to glue it at the front edge) and push it into the clips using a steel ruler and then curve it downwards. Next, slide it into the door and push it into the other clips. After that you shimmy the glass back into the new rubbers, attach it to the regulator and wind it up. Reinstall the plastic moisture barrier, the door panel and the handles and you're done. It took me about an hour and a half to do both doors. The front and rear run channels that I used are sold separately and were of great OEM quality. JBugs gives you extra material so you can cut them to the correct length by measuring them against the old ones. Easy to do and the price was right too.


The VW Beetle - A Production History of the World's Most Famous Car, 1936 - 1967: The story of the Beetle never changes, but in this case, it gets more interesting to read. This book contains the production history of the "People's Car" combined with a section called Volkswagen by the numbers, which details year-by-year model changes. VW Beetle is a must read for anyone that doesn't know the story of Volkswagens' rise from the ashes of W.W.II. Author Ryan Lee Price makes the story as interesting as a novel and doesn't get stuck on minor details that tend to make this chapter in Volkswagen history tedious. The first nine chapters follow the Beetle from Porsche's dream to Hitler's reality. The Beetle then goes off to war and is rescued by the British. The tale continues as the Beetle crosses the ocean and comes to America. This rocky ride makes you realize that we are very lucky that the Beetle ended up staying on our shores.

Once you move on to Part II you can follow changes that turned the little car from Wolfsburg into a world-beater. Years 1945 - 1967 are covered with meticulous detail to even the smallest change. Each year is broken down by chassis numbers, engine numbers and the actual dates that the Beetle was produced. A paragraph discuses the particular production year in general and it is further detailed month by month with all the modifications and improvements that took place. I.E.. August 4, 1955 - Chassis/Unit Number 1-0929746 - The generator pulley is secured with a 31mm bolt instead of a 36mm bolt, making the 36mm ring wrench obsolete and allowing the spark plug wrench to do double duty. After reading this book you'll be able to go up against almost any VW historian in the world. This book is an amazing accomplishment that you just won't be able to put down.

VW Beetle

VOLKSWAGEN Bug! The people's car: Reviewing books is something that I really enjoy. I look forward to opening the book for the very first time, reading about the Beetle, and of course looking at all the pictures, hoping to see one that I have never seen before. Ray Miller, the author of VOLKSWAGEN Bug! The people's car, has taken a completely different approach to writing about the classic Beetle, in his 320 page book that weighs in at just over over three pounds. The first part of the book covers the early days of the Beetle, and has an in-depth section about the infamous 'stamp saver' period. As the story goes, people were given a KdF-Wagen Savings-Book, that they filled with stamps that were purchased on a weekly basis. When the book was full, you would be able to hand it in and pick up your brand new Volkswagen. Facts show that not one of these cars was ever delivered to it's owner. Miller's book fully explains this 'German Myth on Wheels' with a translation of the contract form. Once you get further into the book, you will find that it covers all of the changes that have taken place in the Beetle from 1940 to 1979. There are over 1200 photographs of every (and I do mean every) detail from from the beginning to the end of the classic Beetle's history. Did you know that in 1946 the Standard Sedan had a single outside-mounted horn? Whereas the Deluxe Sedan had the horn concealed behind the front fender. VOLKSWAGEN Bug! The people's car covers the 1942-44 Schwimmwagen and the 1940-45 Kubelwagen, and then right on up to the last 1979 Super Beetle convertible ever built.

A great reference tool if you're restoring your Beetle or shopping around for hard to get parts at a local VW event or swap meet. If you've every wondered if your Beetle is 'correct in every respect', then this is the reference guide that you have been looking for.

Volkswagen Bug! The people's car

Ashtray Cup & Cell Phone Holder: How many times have you spilled your coffee (or soda or water or juice or...) in your lap while driving your Beetle?Are you getting tired of holding your cherry flavored Big Gulp© between your knees? Have you searched for a better way to carry your favorite beverage while you cruise around in your VW? Well I have found a solution that works perfectly, and will save you and your loved ones from soggy pants forever. It's called the 'Ashtray Cup & Cell Phone Holder' and it fits right into your dash without cutting, gluing or any of those other nasty things that you'd never do to your Beetle.

To use this innovative drink holder all you have to do is remove your existing ashtray (who needs it anyway?) and slide this slick drink holder into place. Viola, you're ready to sip and drive. What's nice about this drink holder is that it's right at your fingertips so you're not feeling around the floor when you need a coffee fix, and you can still get at your radio to crank those tunes. The cup holder is black in color and has a pebble finish like your dash. You can remove it easily if you need to reinstall that ashtray (who needs it anyway?) for a VW show or a smoke. A great idea that would make a great gift for any VW or coffee lover.


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