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May 2019

If April showers bring May flowers then it's time to let your Super Beetle
bloom! Wash it and let the sun shine in and that especially goes for the Sun Bug! We're looking for a Super Sun Bug to be featured at SuperBeetles.com. This Special Edition Beetle comprised of three models: “The Sun Bug Standard Beetle”, “The Sun Bug Super Beetle” and “The Sun Bug Super Beetle Convertible” each based on the contemporary 1974 North American market specification base vehicles. So if you're lucky enough to own one of these treasures we'd love to feature it for you. Simply reach out to us at superbeetles @ icloud.com. Sorry you'll have to type out the email address as we're trying to avoid SPAM. That being said, any Super Beetle would be welcome as a feature here at the site, so don't delay.

This months feature tells the heartwarming story of a dad trying to connect with his son. Tom Hardy writes, "One of the main reasons that I bought the car was my younger son is heavily into Beetles. He has three standard Beetles, one of which is a '74 Sun Bug. He took me to a few events and I decided that I would like to have my own VW to use and to be able to do more things with him. This was brought on because my oldest son sadly had passed away in 2014 and we had never really had done a lot together. I didn't want this to be the case with my other son."

VW events are on and there are a ton of them in the events section. If you've never been to a VW event with your Super Beetle you really don't know what you're missing. It's a great way to show off all of the hard work that you've put into your VW and you get to meet some friendly like minded "Volks" as well. If you do decide to attend a show this season you could become a reporter for SuperBeetles.com. We're always looking for event coverage and would only need some great pictures and the story of the event from your particular point of view. Contact us if you're interested and let's make it happen!

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