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July 2021:
Lots of Super good news as far as our battle with COVID-19 goes. Restrictions are slowly being lifted so we can get out there and attend some VW Events! This is great news for everyone that wants to attend or is putting on one of these great events, I could not be happier. If you plan on attending one and would like to become an official reporter for SuperBeetles.com please contact me. A write-up of the event along with some pictures is all you need to put your name and event at the top of the event coverage page.

I'm always looking for Super Beetles to feature here, add to the gallery or even give a Friday Shoutout to on my @vwsuperbeetles Instagram. So if you think your 1302 or 1303 has the right stuff, shoot me an email with a few great pics and lets talk. Speaking of features, I have one of the most beautiful Super Beetles I've seen in a long time as our feature for the month of July. You can read Decent Work here or grab some cool wallpaper for your phone, tabet or PC.

Until next month thanks for keeping it Super!!

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