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February 2020: Just got back from an amazing week in the Riviera Maya, Mexico! It was just what I needed to refresh and renew during this cold Canadian winter. I saw one Beetle and one ratty old Bus, but sadly no Ultimate Edition Beetles, which were the last air-cooled Volkswagen Beetles produced in Mexico.

The feature Super Beetle this month came from the UK to the USA and has an amazing story! Owner Jim Dowle writes, "I bought this one owner '73 1303S stock Bug back in 1988 when I was 16 and living in England. It was my first car, and I'd wanted a Beetle since I was 7 years old. I didn't yet have my driving license so spent my time going about a restoration. I remember unbolting each of the body pan to body bolts then calling my friends to come round and help me lift the body off the floor pan They thought I was crazy, taking my first car to pieces literally days after buying it!" Read it here >>

I'd like to bring your attention to two informative technical sections at SuperBeetles.com. Tech Talk with Rick gives you loads of information on how to do your own maintenance on your Super Beetle. Rick Higgins from Bug Me Video goes through the basic oil change and strainer right up to floor pan replacement. If you're looking to get to a little more performance out of your Super Beetle check out High Performance 101! In this section Ryan Balou shows you how to get every last drop out of your 1302 or 1303 Super. Install performance carbs, lower the suspension, rebuild your engine and much. much more!

Thanks for visiting and for the amazing response from the Super Beetles Only Facebook group! With the help from this group I have eight features lined up for 2020! So if you'd like to be one of the four please contact me today!

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