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September 2020: Despite this being the worst summer for the people of Planet Earth it's also been the best summer in a quite a while. The weather has been near perfect and people have been able to spend more time outdoors and experience a feeling of normalcy, albeit at a social distance. We've been able to get back on the road again and do a bit of topless cruising to patios here and there which has been a huge boost to the spirit. Sadly but responsibly most VW Events have been canceled but I've heard that a few are still taking place. If you are lucky enough to be able to attend one be safe and send us your VW event story. With some pictures we can turn it into an article to be featured at the site. Contact me personally today!

As usual we have a featured Super Beetle front and center for you to enjoy. This patriotic 1303 Volkswagen Super Beetle is owned be Jeff Pierce and he has put together a nice little story with some amazing pictures of his pride and joy. Jeff writes, "The price was right, it ran, drove and stopped and that was good enough for me. We drove it around Lake Havasu for the weekend while debating if we were going to take a chance on driving a car that I barely knew the history of across country. During this time the car was named "Butters" by my wife after the South Park character. The decision was made to leave it in the garage of the family vacation home in Havasu and ship it back later." Read the entire article here.

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