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December 2019

Hey there! It's me, the guy behind the website. This year SuperBeetles.com and AllAirCooled.com are celebrating eighteen amazing years online! I can remember as if it was yesterday, seeing the Beetle that started it all. My wife and I were driving down the street and saw a fully customized Beetle sitting in a driveway with it's owner polishing it. Turns out this 1303 was going to a VW event the next day and Mariano invited us along. Once we saw all of the amazing VWs the hook was set and before long we had our own 1975 Super Beetle that we purchased in British Columbia. After that I started two air-cooled websites and began working with VW Trends magazine as a contributing editor.

Each month I update both of my sites and I'm always cruising the air-cooled VW FaceBook pages looking for feature VWs! At this time I'm looking for a few more Super Beetles for the 2020 seson and yours could be one of them. If you're active on FaceBook you'll notice that any pictures you post of your 1302 or 1303 quickly get pushed down the feed, but if your VW is featured here it's front and center for a full month. AND, your VW moves to a permanent spot in the galleries once that month is over.

So if you are interested in having your Super Beetle right here at SuperBeetles.com please reach out to me with a couple of pictures and some information about it. Project, show or race car, daily driver or trailer queen, all Super Beetles are welcome! BTW, if you've got a standard Beetle or ANY other air-cooled VW there's room to feature it a AllAirCooled.com, check it out!

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