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June 2019

June is here and so is VW Summer. Check out our VW Event Listings so that you can plan to attend at least one air-cooled event this summer.
AND...if you are thinking about attending one of these amazing shows we'd like to make you one of our show correspondents. We'd need some great pictures and a write up of the event and we'll post it in our Events Section with full credit to you! Contact us here if you're interested.

This months Feature Super Beetle belongs to former MOPAR guy Joseph Attard. Joseph writes, "This is my 1971 1302 Super Beetle that's named Buggaboo. I have always been a hot rod MOPAR guy since I knew what cars even were. I remember being 16 years old and my best friends girlfriend had a Bug. She let me drive it and I've had a VW curiosity ever since. Two years ago I was selling a couple cars and ended up trading one for this lil' lady and absolutely fell in love with her." Click here to read the entire article and to check out the pics! If you'd like to have your 1302 or 1303 Super Beetle featured it's easy! Contact us for more information about this limited space opportunity...it's FREE!

As always there are new Puzzles, Feature Sneak Peek, VW Cartoons, High Performance Tips, Tech Talk with Rick, our amazing Forum, VW Trivia and much, much more!! See you next month!

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