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October 2021:
Hey, hey, hey! It's time for another "Super" feature! This month's feature takes it name from that famous Beetle in the Transformer movies, Bumble Bee. Although it doesn't exactly look like that famous Bug, it is pretty unique as you'll see in this cool feature with some sweet pics. Matt writes, "It's amazing at how many people stare and give peace signs, cool car, hang loose signs. "Punch Buggy Yellow" has made a come back! The kids said that they would never ride in it. It took about three weeks and now all they want to do is ride in it. I love being able to just drop the top, start it up and cruise around."

We've reached 2,500 followers on our @vwsuperbeetles Instagram account! There are daily Super Beetle pics and posts, so if you love 1302 and 1303 Super Beetles you should give us a follow. Speaking of Instagram, we're looking for Friday Features for our Instagram page. Send us a DM (direct message) with a pic and a paragraph and your Super could be next. While we're on the social media topic we also have a VW Super Beetles Facebook group. We're close to 3,000 members and this is a great place to meet like-minded Super owners and share our passion.

BTW... we're always looking for Super Beetle features for SuperBeetles.com, but if you own any other type of air-cooled Volkswagen we'd love to feature it at our sister site, AllAirCooled.com. Please contact us today if you're interested.

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