VW Feature

I have been a VW Beetle fan since I was a child. When I started high school I began saving my money to buy a car, just like most teenagers. I was in marching band and I had a few older friends that already owned a Bug. This fanned the flame for me to find one. On April 1992, I bought my Bug; a 1971 Super Beetle that I named Bumblebee. I bought it from an elderly man, which had it in a shed for 5 years, for $850. If I remember correctly, he was the first owner and his son was the second owner. The irony was that I did not know how to drive a manual transmission. My Dad had to drive it home.

Super Beetle front suspension Shocks? Springs? Struts? What are these?

The MacPherson strut, commonly found in the front suspension of modern vehicles, utilizes the top of a telescopic damper as the upper steering pivot. This type of automotive suspension system was created by American automotive engineer Earle S. MacPherson. In 1945, Earle S. MacPherson became the chief engineer for Chevrolet's Light Car project, aiming to create a new compact car for the postwar market, resulting in the Chevrolet Cadet.