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Valerie's 1973 Super Beetle

In 1976 I learned how to drive standard in a 1972 4-speed Bug. I remember that It was gold and had a crank open sun roof and that my friend and I had so much fun driving that VW! I fell in love with my first car that was a 1967 GTO that was also a 4-speed. For years after that I bought and sold more than a dozen GTO's and I still own a 1969 GTO convertible today. BUT in the back of my mind I could always remember the fun and love I had in that Bug. So last year I began looking for a Bug that I could both afford and love.

After looking for some time and finding many that needed work, I found my Lula Belle on the FaceBook marketplace. She was well loved by her owners but they were moving on to other projects and decided to sell her. I fell in love with her right away and after getting her home I decided to Google her VIN number.I found that previous to coming to Indiana she sold at auction in West Virginia by her third owner. I found out that her second owner was a VW mechanic that took very good care of her. She was solid and only had 60,000 miles on her and in amazing condition. I had very little work to do to improve her other than some extras like the roof rack. Now Lula Belle has a home for life and I love driving her as much as I can!

Valerie Graniczny

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