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Troy's 1973 Super Beetle

My name is Troy and I own an early 1973 VW Super Beetle I purchased it about two months ago. I know what you’re thinking, TWO MONTHS? Yup and it's already had the interior replaced and I had the local upholstery shop replace EVERYTHING! When I bought this car it had NO interior except for the seats. No door panels, no carpet, no headliner, nothing! When I first got my Bug it had what us "Super Beetle Guys" call "The Shakes". Well Let me tell you, this thing had BAD wheel bearings, bad ball joints and a bad steering shaft u-joint.The test drive to buy it didn't go so well, it was hard to get into gear I later found out that it had NO shifter bushings at all!! That explains it being stuck in second gear and I could pretty much move the shifter anywhere I wanted in the shift pattern without it coming out of second gear.  This Bug was in bad shape. So I took it out of the owners neglecting hands and decided to save it from further abuse. I have always wanted a Bug and have had a lot of fun in the past two months working on it. The only thing I have not done is totally is the MOTOR. It has a stock 1600DP that I put a Pertronics (Pointless Ignition) into. The motor seemed to fire right up but when you took off it had the dreaded "Flat Spot".

That comes with having an .009 distributor with a 34 Pict-3 carb. So after some research in the forums at SuperBeetles.com I got rid of the flat spot which was caused by the accelerator pump and timing.  After that I installed an aluminum crankshaft pulley from Car Craft.  I have a new engine being built for my Super Beetle by Heads-Up Performance. It will be a 1914cc reliable 150-ish horsepower motor so it will be fun and give all the little Honda boys something to look at...the back of my Bug that is!! LOL!! All kidding aside I have big plans for my 1303 and I invite you all to come along on my journey! It is currently in the body shop getting all the bodywork and paintwork done I have decided to go with 2009 Toyota Tacoma "Magnetic Metallic Gray".I saw the Tacoma and loved the color so much that I decided to do it!  All of the chrome pieces you see in the pictures will be taken off and powder coated gloss black, including the door handles, mirror, "Volkswagen" rear bonnet emblem, headlight rings, and front "T" bumpers. The chrome rims will have black centers with chrome lips, sweet!  The taillights will be lightly tinted as well as the front turn signals. Thanks to SuperBeetles and AllAirCooled.com for featuring my Bug!

Troy G

Hemet, California

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