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Tom's 1971 Super Beetle

This is the back story about how my Beetle came about. I purchased this 1971 Super Beetle in November 2015 right around Thanksgiving. I bought it from a guy in Bethel Park who had too many other projects going and wanted to cut it loose. It came with a blown up dismantled engine as well as another engine which was going to be put into Bug. One of the main reasons that I bought the car was my younger son is heavily into Beetles. He has three standard Beetles, one of which is a '74 Sun Bug. He took me to a few events and I decided that I would like to have my own VW to use and to be able to do more things with him. This was brought on because my oldest son sadly had passed away in 2014 and we had never really had done a lot together. I didn't want this to be the case with my other son. My son and I went to look at this Super Beetle at night which was the only time that we were able to connect with the owner. My son looked the Bug over pretty closely, especially underneath, and declared it to be in better shape than his! The VW has a PA 'R' title which means it was reconstructed from a wrecked car. I got it home and reworked the brakes and wiring. I had all of this done and then went to my sons house and we worked on getting the engine ready. We needed to install the rest of the tinwork and to get it running.

We brought the engine back to the house, installed it and got it running well. It already had some aftermarket upholstery and a newer head liner with a good dash. It just needed a few odds and ends to clean it up. We installed all new door rubber and seals and new rubber on the pop out rear windows. Then we put a new bumper on the front and removed the hideous bumperettes...lol! It's painted in a dark metallic charcoal gray with a nice black interior. Then new stock size Nankang tires were installed on the stock wheels with VW covers. This winter new quarter panel repairs were completed along with cleaning up the trunk area. I found out that according to the title this VW was originally titled in CA and only came to PA in 1991. I have driven the car to Canada in both 2017 and 2018 for the June Jitterbug in Niagara Falls and I also go to various cruises in our area. It's always nice to have people come and look my Super Beetle over and tell me about the Beetle they had "Back in the day". It is by no means a show car but my "work in progress daily driver".

Tom Hartman

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