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Tim's 1973 Super Beetle

In 1973 I had been dreaming of purchasing a Volkswagen Beetle...… used. I just liked them and figured when I found the right one I would know it, and as I am not much of a mechanic, I figured that would limit me to a certain degree of a fix up project. I lived in a small town 50 miles from any "large" city and as my search for a VW went on I discovered that there were not a lot of cars that fit the bill fix-up wise on what I was willing to tackle. My searches lead me to a VW dealer in Sioux City, IA. I figured there might be some good trade-ins there. Out of curiosity I looked at the new cars that were being shown there, they were nice but not what I was looking for. The guy I was talking to, as an after thought, said hey, checkout this new sport model that just came in, it's at the back of the lot. He lead the way and there it was, all covered in a wax coating of some sort just in from shipping. Now I'm not sure, but I think it called my name when its door was opened and I looked inside. I couldn't believe it; this car was really put together well. After thoroughly checking it out I left the dealership and continued my search.

Later that week I started rationalizing and talking myself into reasons why I could and should consider purchasing the brand new Sports Bug I had seen, I mean someone had to be the first owner. Over the next couple days my rationalizing won out. I called the dealer and discussed some items and then arranged to come back to the dealership and work out the details with him. I traveled back to the dealership and ended up leaving with a brand new 1973 Sports Bug. It was certainly not how I expected to end up with a VW, but now 30+ years later I'm quite happy with the decision I made in May of 1973. Even though I took good care of it, after driving it for 8 years as my full time transportation, I noticed it was showing its age. It was still in very good condition but certainly not like I remembered when it was new. I retired it from full time use in 1981 and since it had not been garaged during those first years, the interior and exterior needed work to restore it to the way I remembered and wanted it to be. It has now been restored to the way I first saw it, including new paint. It's not a perfect restoration but it's in fine shape for 120K miles and great to drive and use part time.


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