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Sven's 1971 Super Beetle

My father bought my Super Beetle brand new in 1971. He kept it for many years until he handed it over to me in 1998. It still wears the original paint, seats, spare tire, etc. Everything is in very good condition because the car has only 100,000 original km. (about 62,000 miles). stared modifying the engine gradually; first with an 1835cc engine with a single weber carb, bigger valves and a ported head. Then the modifications grew because of my love for speed. I entered it in a 1/8 mile drag racing competition. Wheels are Empi style eight spoke with 155 radials in front and 205/55 Bridgestone Potenzas with original style wheels (just a little wider) in the back for street use. In the 1/8 mile races I use 225/50 BF Goodrich Drag radial tires with my Empi style eight spokes. Modifications in the interior are few, smaller steering wheel and a MSD shift light, tach, oil temperature and oil pressure are on the way and to be installed next month. No stereo system.

With all the modifications, the car is really not for street use, but I use it about once a week to go meet with other racing and VW fans on Fridays. It's always a thrill to drive it a few minutes on the street and the best part is that the car's a sleeper. Nobody really knows what the car is capable of until they decide to push me. That's why a few Bimmers, a Porsche 911, a couple of Turbo Volvos, Camaros and a lot of Hondas have learned the hard way that in the streets of Guatemala not to race with a car that has a sleeper appearance but killer sounds and power. They just watch me go, revving their engines to the max without ever coming close and wonder, what the heck was that? Luckily the police in Guatemala are not too bad and let people with highly modified cars gather and do a little street racing!!

My VW's favourite saying: " Eats Hondas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!!"


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