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Mike's 1973 Super Beetle

She is a 1973 Super Beetle that I picked up for $300. I was told she had a rod knock, and I couldn't get her to start. Fortunately my father is a mechanic and I was able to tear the engine apart. I found that she had a cracked head (dual port motor) and a few other problems. So with the help of one of the mechanics we tore the motor completely apart and bored it for bigger pistons (87mm instead of 85.5) and threw in a lightened flywheel. Eventually she was done, the finished project was a 1641cc primered superbeetle. I was getting into drag racing and was only able to pull a 19.6 seconds on the 1/4 mile. So I invested in to a new carb. With the help of a two barrel weber progressive carb I was able to achieve 18.9 second times.

I had her for about two months constantly working on her daily. One day, my dad came across two bugs for a good price. He decided to sell the 67 to make up for the money he spent on the two cars. Well, a very nice lady came to look at the 67 and was just about to buy it when she spotted this primered beauty. At first I was reluctant to sell her but I realized that this nice lady would give her a good home. I was able to take two last pictures of her, and my custom door panels before she was handed over to her new owner.

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