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Steve Carters 1973 Super Beetle SC 201

The previous owner used the car for hill climbs and circuit racing, it first used a 48 IDA fed 2180 cc air cooled VW motor, later it was fitted with a Mazda 12A rotary from a Group C touring car, and the car achieved many FTDs during its career. In 1983 the car was stripped of all the go fast bits and stored in a garage at Cowan north of Sydney. I was given the car in 2002 when the owner moved to the Gold Coast but he didn't start building the car until 2004, car came with only four wheels, two doors and front windscreen when I got it which is exactly what I needed and because it was stored for so long no rust. The car was given a body off resto in 2009.

Body: 1973 L model (Australian name) 1600 Beetle or 1303. The spare wheel well has been removed to allow the Audi 200 radiator and fan to fit, and air conditioning front apron allows cooling air to reach the radiator. The behind the seat luggage area has been replaced with a sealed box that is open to the engine bay, this box contains water to air intercooler, ice box and the fluid pump for the intercooler. Mudguards are fibreglass and are sold by Vintage Vee Dub Supplies and are called Aero Look, they are made to use early Beetle headlights but I used 911 H4 headlights as they fit as well. A factory heated rear screen is fitted which are very rare in Australia along with rear pop outs which are also very rare in Australia. A whale tail is used for some speed events but usually it runs a stock 4 vent engine lid. I had reinforcements made for the lower A & B pillars a bit like Cabrio ones I also welded in a section at the top of the B pillar for extra rigidity. I made a new rear lower seat rest out of 25x50mm RHS and welded this to the body and bolted it to the pan tunnel. I boxed in the rear section of the body because the Subaru motor is very wide and a late model single tailpipe rear apron was fitted and is removable. Door mirrors are replica items from a local 1971 Ford Falcon GT and attaché to a VW mirror stalk, indicators in the front 1?4 panels are from Toyota Kluger. Colour is Porsche 911 Blood Orange. I had the vents filled in the front scuttle panel to prevent water entering and causing rust. I fitted a Golf Bee Sting radio antenna at the rear of the roof and access can gained to it via extra interior light that I fitted near the rear window. The fuse box was moved into the trunk area behind the glovebox. I modified the front hood hinges so that the pivot bolted on like earlier Beetles as I didn't trust the factory clips on the hinges as they have been known to fall off and the hinge will then damage the body.

Chassis: Chassis is from a 1972 Superbug, the chassis was changed to take advantage of more favourable NSW RMS laws for pre 73 model cars. To get better weight distribution the transmission has been moved forward 4 inches. This required the centre of the torsion bar housing to be removed; it has been replaced with substantial reinforcing made from 1 3?4 roll cage tubing, the chassis forks were also remade from 1 3?4 roll cage tubing to go around Porsche transmission. Flat floors were fitted for better aerodynamics. I made a five bar Kafer Cup brace using rose joints and chrome molly tube.

Transmission: A Porsche G50 5speed transmission from a 1987 Porsche Carrera, a Quaife differential is fitted. CVs are race prepped Porsche 930 turbo with Swayaway axles. It uses the Subarugears.com mounting point with WRX engine mounts on the chassis forks to mount the transmission under bell housing area and in the centre of the transmission rubber mountings from a Kombi transmission mounting. At the front of the transmission the original Porsche G50 cross mounting is used. A KEP adaptor, clutch and flywheel mate the transmission to the motor.

Engine: The motor is a EJ207 (2 litre) from a 2003 Subaru WRX STI and had only travelled 13,000 klms when fitted, it uses Adaptronic Modular engine management, a GM flex fuel sensor is fitted allowing the motor run on any mixture of 98 or E85. ID 2000 injectors are used along with Radium fuel rails and a Radium fuel pressure dampener. The 3 inch exhaust system was built by Westside mufflers, it uses a Turbo 40mm waste gate and X Force Varex muffler. Motor has been rebuilt using a 2.5 factory crankshaft fitted along with oversize pistons which makes it 2142 cc, it made 305kW (around 409hp) on 29 psi at the wheels on United pump E85. Turbo is a GTX30/76 with a Tial .63 rear housing and has been high mounted in the engine bay, ported stock STI headers and a Grimmspeed cross pipe are used. Pistons are Manley and the conrods are Argo, the block has been doweled to prevent warping, ARP head studs were fitted, Tomei Pon Cams have been fitted as well. A 6x10 PWR water to air intercooler is used and a PWR intercooler radiator is fitted at the front of the car along with its own cooling fan, fluid is pumped to the intercooler radiator with a 12 volt pump, it also has provision to put ice into the system to combat heat soak via a Frozen Boost reservoir drag or airport events. A BMC air cleaner is used, this has 3 intake attached to an inlet in the right mudguard. An Accusump is fitted for pre oiling and surge control. A Grimmspeed oil separator is used. A Walbro 450 LPH fuel pump is fitted in the tank on a modified Miata bracket. Four LS2 truck coils supply ignition spark.

Rear suspension: The rear suspension is from a 1986 944 Porsche, it uses similar trailing arms to a Beetle but they are aluminium instead of steel, when used in conjunction with Porsche 944 spring plates they have adjustable height, toe and camber. The mounting points are the same on a Beetle as they are on the Porsche 944. The rear shocks are Bilstein. Short 40 hp style 30 mm Sway Away Torsion bar are used.

Front suspension: The front McPherson struts have been modified to feature adjustable lower spring platforms, and smaller diameter 150 pound springs allow the front wheels to have sufficient clearance, Koni Sport shocks are fitted. Rack and pinion steering from a 1975 1303 Beetle has been fitted.

Brakes: Brakes are 4 spot Monoblock Brembos from a Porsche Boxster. On the front they attach to the factory VW calliper mounting via a 6061-T651 aluminium square block adaptor and use a Boxster rotors mounted on 944 alloy hubs. The rear brakes use Porsche 944 rotors with the stock internal Porsche drum emergency brake. The rear callipers attach to the factory Porsche calliper mounting via a 6061-T651 aluminium square block adaptor. The brake master cylinder was moved 25 mm to the right side of the car to allow the clutch master cylinder room to fit beside it. A larger 20.6 master cylinder from CSP is fitted, no power assistance is required.

Wheels: Wheels can vary, 15 inch Porsche Cookie cutters Mickey Thompson ET Streets for drag racing, 18 inch Boxster wheels for the street or 18 inch Simmons wheels with Toyo R888 track tyres.

Performance: 1/4 mile time of 12.199 @ 109.38 mph, motor is making much more power since that run so it should see an 11.00 second 1/4 mile next time. The car competed in the Snowy Mountains 1000 at Cooma Airport last year, it won its class with a time of 22.3247 @ 236.7 kph over the standing 1000 metres and finished 50th out 135 cars.

Interior: Seats are vintage Recaro Concords, I've owned them for nearly 40 years, they were in my previous Beetles, they have been re trimmed a few times. The dash is the original and amazingly has no cracks in it. I've fitted mostly VDO gauges for oil temp, oil pressure, water temp and fuel level, a Spa speedo/tacho combo gauge is fitted in the stock speedo location, a GPS HUD speedo is also fitted, a Turbosmart E Boost 2 controls boost, and Innovate ethanol content gauge is used along with an Innovate O2 gauge, an EBay intake temp gauge is also used. Cruise control is fitted to avoid speeding fines. I use the car often on highway trips, cars and coffee events, car club meets etc, I plan to do some speed events.

As for the Future: One day I will fit air conditioning as I've made all of the provisions to integrate it behind the dash. My Beetle used to have a back seat and I will make one again when I get around to it. Thanks for checking out my SC 201!

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