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Sean's 1974 Super Beetle

This is my 74 Super Beetle whom we have come to call "DaBaby." We found him sitting in a neighbor's front yard under a tree, sad, rusted and lonely. After pleading with the neighbors for a sell, my father finally won them over and the Beetle became his own. As a school teacher, he drove it to and from work for a couple of years, getting it back into running shape for that purpose. However, there was still much to be done. He ended up parking it and letting it sit for a few years after running into some trouble with the fuel lines. When I got my license toward the end of high school, dad made the decision that I could have DaBaby as my car, but we had to get it into ship shape for driving. Originally cream in color, my father and I got him painted at Maaco and refurbished most of it ourselves. New seat vinyl, bumpers, tail lights, and dashboard were among some of the things that we replaced. I installed the tach all by myself (quite a personal accomplishment for me.) Most of the maintenance on the engine was done by a local air-cooled specialist (that guy rocks). Everything else, I pretty much do today on my own now like changing the oil and fuel filter etc. Special thanks to my father, Major Coleman, for helping me with the project. The project is ongoing as we still have some minor things to do like putting the rubber on the bumpers and putting in a stereo. This summer is looking quite promising!

Sean Colmen

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