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Ryen's 1974 Super Beetle

I have always loved Bugs. When I was sixteen, my mom got me a '69 Standard Beetle. It was off-white with the trunk lid completely covered with surface rust. It was a Mexican Bug and I was the official second owner. The original owner actually played a season pitching for the Cincinnati Reds and had bought it for a college car. He later gave it to his son for college and got it back when his son graduated. For years it sat garaged, outside and unloved as one of those "I'll hot rod it out someday" cars in California and Arizona. I saw it in his back yard and asked if he would be willing to sell it. Needless to say, he was. I had it for a while, but when I went to live with my dad, I had to get rid of it. I loved that car, but as a high school student with little money to fix problems, an '85 Toyota pickup was more practical. Now I am in the Navy and able to have an everyday driver and my toy. So I found my '74 German Super Beetle. When I got "Alvin" he already had some modifications. Fiberglass fenders and running boards, a cheesy roll bar, and a new interior. Since I got it I have installed a fuel injection kit, lowered it with new rims, and am still restoring some age related areas. I didn't want to stray too far from an original at first but when I found this Bug I decided to make Alvin more of a street car than a restored classic. I named him Alvin because of some of the trouble he gets me into. By trouble I mean the things I have done with him and the insane wiring that the owner before me did to him. I plan on having Alvin as long as I can and maybe give it to my kid when he or she turns sixteen. That might be a while since I'm only 22 right now with plenty more trouble for Alvin and I to get into.

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