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Nathan's 1971 Super Beetle

I have been into Volkswagens ever since I can remember. Ever since I was a kid I wanted a Bug. When I turned 15 I was looking for a car and my step dad found me an air cooled car but it was not a Bug it was a '66 Chevy Corvair that he said was safer, read bigger, than a Bug. That was a great car and I was just happy to have a car. I had so many fond memories in it throughout high school. I had a buddy that had a Bug so we went out all the time in it so I got my fix. Fast forward 6 years after High school I needed a car and what do you know I found a 1974 Standard Beetle that had a build date of September 1973 my birth month and year! I spent countless hours with the John Muir book learning how to work on and keep my daily driver alive. I did an engine rebuild and lots of 90's classic touches to it. It was a Cal Look Bug and I lived in So Cal south.

I moved to AZ to continue my education and met my wife at school we went on our first date in that Bug but I had a rust hole about the size of a grapefruit in the middle of the pan and she was freaked out by that and never rode in it again. The engine seized 6 months after moving so being a broke college student the car went away and I hoofed it until I graduated. My parents bought me a Mark 2 Jetta as a graduation present in 1999. That car lasted all but a year always breaking down. At that point I moved on to a truck until 2011 when I bought a Mark 6 Jetta. I got into a local VW club Fort Worth Volks Folks and man so many great aircooled dubs I was dreaming of getting one and telling my wife all about the cool cars. So in September 2016 my wife told me get yourself a Bug for your birthday! I was so happy, so the search was on I looked all over the classifieds, The Samba, Craigs list and I finally found a contender. So my buddy I work with the President of the Volks Folks and I went at lunch to look at this car it was a 1968 Standard Bug for $2500 in decent shape. Test drove the car decided it needed work and paint but I would go for it. The guy and I shook on it he brought out the title I said as long as we have a match we have a deal! Well wouldn't you know, not only the pan and body didn't match but neither did the title. Sorry buddy I can't make this deal. He was not happy to say the least. On the way back to work I told my buddy you know I would have painted that burgundy with white doors. Back at work I texted my wife and she was stunned at what happened. About an hour later she texted me download this app Offer Up and look up this Bug I found. So I did and Wow there is a 1971 Bug nice looking paint and it was burgundy with white doors and he was asking $2,000 I contacted him right away and said I want to come look after work. So my buddy came with me again and the car had been sitting had flat tires but overall better shape than the one we looked at earlier in the day. But hey this has struts and I didn't know that Super Beetles could have a flat windshield.

We looked it over and the guy said there was a blow out and he hit a curb and the alignment was out. We looked it needed all new front end components but if it started and ran strong he said I should get it! So the owner jumped the battery and bam fired right up. My buddy looked at me and gave me the yes nod. So I asked if I could check the vin numbers with the title and pan, body and title all matched, offered the guy $1800 and to my surprise he said deal. So I told him next morning I would be back with a trailer and cash. I get there the car is running been washed and he was polishing up the chrome we made the deal and I was the proud owner of a 1971 1302 Super Beetle. She had a rosary hanging from the re view mirror (still there today) so instantly I knew Rosie was her name! So I got home and got online and started spending money to get her going. She shook like she was going to fall apart at 25 mph so I first replaced all the tie rods, center link, ball joints, bushings, strut inserts and the driver's side strut and spindle. Bam she was solid as a rock up to 75 mph on the freeway I was happy.Tore the interior out replaced all the missing components, carpet, door panels etc.. I pulled the engine only to find sled tins backwards yes backwards and no tins between the cylinder heads. Tore the engine down replaced tins, seals, etc. Replaced the clunky 70's bumpers (damaged bumpers) with 60's blade bumpers. And so much more to much to write out. I have had her for 2 years now and have been in 10 car shows and have won 5 awards so far. I really enjoy driving my Super Beetle and showing her off at shows and talking to people in the VW community weather I win or not it's about being there being part of the VW community. I don't plan of ever letting Rosie go. In the future I will most likely do a pan off resto on her, but she is in such good shape now I'm going to enjoy her for many many years before I do that.

Nathan Myers

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