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 Roger's 1974 Super Beetle

I picked up this '73 Super Beetle last December about two weeks before Christmas. I'd been looking for a replacement for my '74 Super that needed far more work than I could do at the time and this one appeared at just the right time. It was basically just the body, a partial interior, and an engine that didn't run and is still waiting on a rebuild. First order of business was to get it running by pulling the engine and replacing it with a stock 1600 that I had sitting around plus cleaning the tank and replacing all of the fuel lines. Once it was running and the tranny, brakes, and suspension were found to be in good shape, I set about to get the body back in shape which involved installing the windows, finishing the interior, and straightening up quite a bit of wiring that was cobbled together. Future plans are to rebuild the original engine over the coming winter months and if all goes well I'll be replacing the rear fenders and deck lid with the correct ones for a '73. In the meantime it has become my daily driver/gas saver and for the time being I just continue to drive it and enjoy the ride!

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