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Robert's 1971 Super Beetle

I picked up this car back in June 2000 from a fellow who brought it up from Nashville TN. for the sole purpose of flipping the car. He never actually drove it any distance. After doing some investigation, I found out that, not counting this guy, I am only the 3rd owner and as a result, the car had received next to no modifications. For the most part, it was completely stock. Unfortunately, it had also been mechanically neglected somewhat and as a result, required some work to get it road worthy. (Brakes, shocks, struts and so on...) Rust wise, there was some but not very much. I did have to weld in a couple of patches in the common Super Beetle spots (under the battery, etc.) but that was it. Taking the car completely apart went very well. Much to my amazement, not one single bolt broke off!

The restoration was not a 'pan off' job but short of that, everything was disassembled, catalogued and stored away. I did what most people do, especially with a southern car and threw out all the rubber and purchased all new. I then sent the car off to the body shop and 3 months later, I had it back. It took that long because I made an agreement with the bodyshop owner that this job would be worked on between his collision work. The end result was an outstanding job for a very reasonable price. An important consideration when keeping in mind the mortgage, wife and kids... Once returned to me, I started the re-assembly and before I knew it, I was back on the road. That was April 2001. This winter I removed the engine and with some assistance from a very mechanically inclined friend, we rebuilt the engine, keeping it stock, just like the car. Why stock you might ask? Well,... I had a number of Beetles in my teen years for the sole purpose of transportation. Financially it was all I could do keep them running, let alone modify them in any way. Stock is all I ever knew so for me now, it's a nostalgia thing which I am really enjoying.


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