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Eric's 1971 Super Beetle

This is my 1971 1302 cresting the top of the hill at Willow Springs. The Plum Bug has been prepared to 1972 SCCA Specifications and is currently being raced at vintage events sanctioned by HSR-West and VARA. So far I've run Willow Springs twice (10/00 and 3/01) and Phoenix International (2/01). The next race I plan on competing in is the VARA Event on May 5th & 6th at Buttonwillow raceway in Buttonwillow California. Currently the engine is basically stock, with the only changes being a lightened flywheel, a "009" distributor, Kadrons, an H/D oil pump and a header with single Q/P. The transaxle is a stock '73 unit. I've upgraded the brakes to Ghia disks up front and Type III drums in the back. The front suspension has an EMPI lowered/adjustable strut kit with Poly bushings including the caster correction bushings on the sway bar and the rear has Poly bushings with an added sway bar. Even though the car has a 'stock' motor and gearing - I've been clocked on radar at 89.2 MPH up the front straight at Willow Springs - which isn't bad for 87 Octane unleaded gas and those "great' aerodynamics!

Eric D. Roberts

Prancing Basset Vintage Auto Racing

1971 VW Super Beetle #113

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