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Pete's 1972 Super Beetle

I purchased this Robin Egg Blue beauty about 2 years ago and have done very little but drive it and enjoy it with friends and family. I had my first Bug back in the mid-70's when my Dad and I would get one for around $500 and run it until we needed to drop in a rebuilt engine (for about $200) or put our foot through the floor and our quest would begin again. In the late 70's we had our 1967 beige Bug stolen only to have it show up 2 years later in Nevada! Having grown up in NY, you rarely found one without a rust issue somewhere, floor pans, strut towers, always running boards! This one actually grew up in California and only came east 7 years ago when the owner went bankrupt and the woman I bought it from purchased it from a repo lot in CA and then shipped it back to NJ for partial restoration. This one has very little, if any rust issues. She is by no means perfect, but I enjoy driving it 2-3 times a week. My biggest expenses so far was a battery ($75)and a front bumper ($58). The speedometer says 30,255, so I expect it has somewhere either at 130,000 or 230,000 miles on it.


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