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Penny's 1971 Super Beetle

I had wanted a Volkswagen Beetle since I was in my early 20's. On January 16th 2017 and at the age of 51 I purchased my 1971 Super Beetle for $1000! It was in pretty rough shape when I found her and needed a total restoration. In March 2017 I began tearing her apart piece by piece. Once I got everything off and out of her I sandblasted every part and then sanded them with a dual-action sander. The next step was to prime everything and then off "Veronica" went to get her body done. The all the bodywork was done by someone else, she got a new battery tray, new rear driver side floor pan, new luggage tray and two new rear fenders. While they were working on the body I tore the motor apart and sent it out for a complete rebuild and an upgrade to a 1641cc. After they finished the body work and primed her Veronica was wet sanded and then painted it to match a Hot Wheels car but with different colors.

Once the painting was finished I began to put it all back together and had it completed October 15, 2017. I have always wanted to take part in restoring a car and I take great pride in saying I did most of the work myself! My goal when I started my Super Beetle was to take her to the Fast Times at Farmington VW show and win and on May 20th and she did just that! 1st place Super Beetle modified! Since Farmington Veronica and I have attended many shows and she has won 27 awards so far. My 1302 was recently in East Coast Style magazine and was featured in an advertisement for the Shutdown BDay Bash End of Season car show in Lancaster PA. I'm also honored that Veronica and I have been asked to attend a charity fundraiser event for Cancer Kids and Christmas in November of this year. I'd like thank all the members of the Super Beetles Only Facebook group for all of their help and support during the restoration process, I couldn't have done it with you!

Penny Williams

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