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Neil's 1973 Super Beetle

My VW history is short in that this is the first Beetle that I've owned (since Nov. 2006). I've always loved Beetles since before I was old enough to drive (many years ago) but I listened to my elders back then who told me to buy a 'modern', 'reliable' car instead of a classic that needed copious amounts of money thrown at it. But now I've finally saved enough to buy this restored 1303S and love every minute that I spend 'tinkering' with or driving her.Initially I was going to buy a cheap 'Resto' project, and spend my time creating a masterpiece, but being the father of four young children meant that time is something that I don't have. I decided that I would bide my time and look for the 'right' Beetle that needed very little work doing to it and hence I bought this one. I bought the car in November 2006 pretty much as you see it here, it was restored by the previous owner and to a very good standard, there are a few minor things that I'm working on but only when time allows! I've fitted a smaller steering wheel as I had trouble steering and changing gear at the same time as I'm over 6 foot tall and my legs got in the way! I put in the Empi T shifter which makes gear changes less random and a lot shorter (I fully recommend fitting one), the cowl on the deck lid to reduce the amount of rain that gets into the engine bay and you can probably just see the aluminum centre console where the radio and a couple of 52mm gauges can be fitted. I love the German-Look styling and that's the direction I want to take my bug, I have plans for large modern alloy wheels, wider wings and a powerful long stroke engine... When money allows.

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