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Mike's 1973 Super Beetle

There's not much to tell about the car!! I found the car at Trader Online for $1200.00 two months ago. The car was in Norfolk,VA. So I flew down and checked out the car, it was a still!! My friend and I flew back down the next weekend and drove the car back from VA to Michigan. It was a exciting trip. It is amazing how kids all look and point.On the ride home going through the mountains the car over heated a couple of times, so by the time we got home the engine was in need of repair. With the Bug Out only 2 weeks away I had to work fast. So I did a top end rebuild with 87mm jugs and new heads. I finished the Thursday before the Bug Out!! Just in time!! The car has been a great daily driver ever since then. I plan on doing allot of work to it this winter. Right now it's just cool to cruise around and see the people point and smile when they see it, like they've never seen one before!!

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