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Micheal's 1974 Super Beetle

Admittedly, I had never been an Austin Powers fan. Sitting at home one night in 1999, I was stunned by the colorful concept Beetle/time machine in the DVD The Spy Who Shagged Me. I had to have one. At the time the Concept beetle was just that - a concept, so I set out for the next best thing. Coincidentally, I needed a new car to drive to work every day. I wanted a car that was good on gas, convertible, easy to fix and easily accessible parts. Bingo!! A VW convertible. In Vancouver, Canada, there are not many beetles that are in good condition nor at a reasonable price. The only one that was available at the time was a 1974 Super beetle convertible with more than 400,000 miles on it, with original engine and rotting roof and a passenger side floorboard that needed replacing. Bargain price - $4800. YIKES!!!

The entire project took just under 1000 hours to complete in 3 months with a TON of support from Tanya and James. Finally, the project could not have been completed without James's wife Lianne, who made me lunch and dinner every day for 3 months. I can not go ANYWHERE without somebody asking me about my bug!! It's well worth the effort.

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