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Taking care of my Super Beetle

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I change the oil in the springtime and store the car indoors during the winter months. Whatever my Super Beetle needs, it gets. I wash and wax it a lot and use all the proper products for the job. I would recommend Natural Shine Dressing for your interior and exterior vinyl. Unlike the other shiny products this does more than just clean, it screens out UV rays and stops plastic from cracking. I recently gave the car a waxing using Extreme Top Coat - Wax And Sealant In One. Whether you’re preparing for a high profile car gathering or waxing the daily driver to keep it looking fine, choose Extreme Top-Coat Sealant for next-level shine with durable protection. Extreme Top-Coat is the only sealant that levels and fills to enhance a beautiful, natural shine unlike any other synthetic product. You can read all about different products in the Review section of the site.

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