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I change the oil in the springtime and store the car indoors during the winter months. Whatever my Super Beetle needs, it gets. I wash and wax it a lot and use all the proper products for the job. I would recommend Total Interior Cleaner & Protectorant for your interior and exterior vinyl. Unlike the other shiny products this does more than just clean, it screens out UV rays and stops plastic from cracking. I recently gave the car a waxing using Jet Seal Sealant and Paint Protector. Whether you’re preparing for a high profile car gathering or waxing the daily driver to keep it looking fine, choose Extreme Top-Coat Sealant for next-level shine with durable protection. Extreme Top-Coat is the only sealant that levels and fills to enhance a beautiful, natural shine unlike any other synthetic product. You can read all about different products in the Review section of the site.

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