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Mary's 1972 Super Beetle

This is my ride, a 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle, a dream that came true. When I was eight years old the Hippies came to Atlanta, and I saw some of their Bugs and Buses. I told my Dad that one day I would have a Bug painted just like the Hippies had. Well, after after 31 years my dream finally came true! We were living in Panama City Beach Florida and we were heading up to see some of our friends in Alabama. Along the way we saw a Beetle that was in need of a little TLC and a restoration. So we stopped, checked it out, and bought it on the spot. My son in law had just completed paint and body school, so we thought we'd give him a try. He took it all apart and did a ground up restoration on it. He did all of the bodywork, the interior and painted in Pink. We met a tattoo artist that had done art for motocross bikes and he came over to see my Beetle and I told him what I wanted. I told him, "I want butterflies painted all over it, just like in the Hippie days.".So he painted to up with 31 butterflies on it, one for each year I waited to get it. So dreams can come true, you just have to have patience. My Beetle gets "thumbs up" where ever I go and has won special interest and other awards. Kids,women, and even some men love it. So dream, wait, and someday you may get yours.

Mary Davenport

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