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Lindell's 1973 Super Beetle

One day my car dealer friend came upon a 1973 customized Super Beetle wrecked at the left rear wheel area. This car looked real nice, good paint and interior, no rust. I wanted that car, but I had to bid on it to get it, and I was just sure other people would want it as well. But I bought it. Took it home and looked it over bumper to bumper. As one could assume by now I have the used cars with parts I would need to restore this Beetle. This car ran like new. It was a quiet sounding engine, I jacked it up looked under this car and it nearly shined. The Beetles I was used to previously were rusty, with holes showing here and their, but not this one. This Beetle stood out in my inventory, and deserved special treatment. So in about 1982 I gave this Beetle a special spot in my work shop. I found a customized fiberglass left rear fender from a company in Florida that was a match, so I purchased it. Within this paragraph is where my story really starts. Except for the left wheel area damages that I fixed soon after purchasing the car, that car sat in my shop for 20 some years. Being always my first restoration job when I retire. As time of my retirement came and went on with semi retirement and my desire to work on this car. Friends and acquaintances when coming to my shop always remarked "you are not ever going to restore this car", my answer always was "yes I will when the time is right". In the fall of 2005, and my age nearing 76 years old, the time has come to fix this pretty yellow Beetle. You can see the results in the picture but I am unsure if I am done or if this is an on going project, I will soon know. My next project is already started with the removal of the body from the pan and installed new floor pans. That is also a 1973 Super Beetle .....But that is another story!

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