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Karsten's 1974 Super Beetle

Built on 02.1974 1300 44hp engine (original) Colour: Desert beige (original) Seats: Mocca brown (original) Kilometres it drove ? I don't know, I think over 200,000 kilometres. The car was driven from 1974 til 2000 by an old man until I have bought the car. This car has no extras, but I think it is very nice and it's technical standard is very good for it's age of over 26 years. In Germany there are only 5,000 1303īs on the streets one of those is mine.... My plans for both cars in the future, they should as original as posible. My reasons for this: First, prices for bigger engines are very expensive in Germany and the tax is very high ! (50DM per 100cc) Second : Original beetles are very rare in Germany, most tuned or different colousr etc. So I think I must avoid this and keep both cars original as long as possible. Third : I donīt like tuned cars so much......O.K. only a little. And as a student my budget for my cars is not very big.

Karsten's 1982 Beetle

VW 1200 "Special Bug" Built on 09.1982 Limited Edition with only 2400 Units, 1200 in Black-met. and 1200 in red. It's my first Beetle. It has only 34 hp but it getīs you there. Price in Germany in 1982 : 9980 Deutsche Mark.

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