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 Karl's 1972 Super Beetle

Last summer I was looking on the internet for a Bug when I came across this 1972 Super Beetle. The ad read that it needed some work, but was good mechanically. After taking a look at the car, I knew right away that it was coming home with me. The guy had told me that it hadn't run in over two years. He also told me that it had a freshly rebuilt motor with only 100 miles on it. Once I got it home I made plans to rebuild the motor completely. But the first thing was I wanted to see if the motor ran, which it did, and very nicely too.

The next step was to take the body off. That came pretty easy since the heater channels were all rusted out. I was told that it would need heater channels, and thought it would be fairly easy to get it back on the road. But as you all know that is not always the case. Surprisingly the floor wasn't in too bad shape, but it was obvious that it had been repaired under the battery tray. This car has a lot of surface rust on the chassis which I am going to fix. Currently the chassis is awaiting the new pans, then I'm going to finish the chassis, put the body back on, and do the heater channels. I'm planning to have it done for my graduation from school. I still have lots of work to do, and it should look as close to original as possible. I have plans to paint it the original Marina Blue.

Karl Neufeld

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