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Karl's 1972 Super Beetle

Ever since I can remember I've always loved Beetles. When I was very young my parents showed me the "Herbie" movies and I was hooked. Since then I have always wanted to have a Beetle. Then in the summer of 2005 I found the perfect Bug and I bought the car even before I have my license, but that didn't stop me from driving around my yard. After I got my license all I wanted to do was to drive was my Bug. My VW is a 1972 Super Beetle named "Herbie", of course. I had seen the car down the road from me a couple times, but then I found it for sale on a local web site I knew that I had to have it. After that I got in contact with the guy that was selling it and we went from there. This is actually the first beetle I have ever had a ride in. During the initial test drive, my dad was driving, and we were going down the road. He thought that it really must suck, because we were only going 60 in 4th, but then he remembered it was in miles not kilometers. Then he was like wow, its better than he thought. When I bought the car it already had the decals on it, and I knew that they were going to stay. The motor I am told is a 1200 cc motor, but I'm not entirely sure about that. This has been my daily driver all summer, and now it's parked it for winter. It's kind of ironic that my dad's first car was either a '67 or '69 Bug, and my first car is also a Bug. I guess great minds think alike. My future plans for the car would be to try to keep it looking original as much as possible. I have completed the installation of my new exhaust system, which is completely stock, of course. I plan to keep it without the intention of selling ever, and to slowly starting to look at other Bugs to try to restore.

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