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Josh's 1973 Super Beetle

My interest in Beetles surfaced one day when I saw an old picture of my mom and dad's 1973 Super Beetle. Apparently, they had bought it brand new and absolutely loved it. As gas prices soared, I began thinking about purchasing a 3rd vehicle that would be much better on gas (or at least this is the reason I gave my wife). Little did she know that I wanted a toy to tinker around with. I searched on the Internet for a good deal, but had no luck. I specifically wanted a 73' since that is the year that my parents had. I couldn't find one that was in decent shape for the right price. One day, my mom was driving to my house and passed a VW beetle "For Sale by Owner" just a mile away from my house. After inspecting it inside and out, I took it out for a test drive with a smile on my face. My smile grew bigger as I drove away with the title in my name. The engine had just been rebuilt, no rust, stock 1600 cc (for now). I'm currently in the process of buying a new house, with a garage for it - YEAH!!! If I can convince my wife (ha! ha!) this Winter/next spring, I'm going to lower the front 2-1/2 inches and lower the rear by one spline, paint it charcoal grey, and add Dual Solex carbs. Also hoping to replace the headliner as it has a small tear. The rest of the interior is in excellent condition except for the yellow shifter knob, it's gotta go! I'm also going to get new 17" rims and tires. I'm going to remove the rear bumper only and replace with T Bars. Going to keep the front bumper. I also plan to replace the fenders with wider ones and shave the turn signals. At least, these are my plans for TODAY. My mind is always changing like the weather. I spend the majority of my days (when I'm not working) searching the Internet for ideas. If anyone has any suggestions, email me at thedeans05@insightbb.com and if anyone knows of a support group for VW Junkies, please let me know....... I'M ADDICTED!!!!!

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