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Joseph's 1971 Super Beetle

This is my 1971 1302 Super Beetle that's named Buggaboo. I have always been a hot rod MOPAR guy since I knew what cars even were. I remember being 16 years old and my best friends girlfriend had a Bug. She let me drive it and I've had a VW curiosity ever since. Two years ago I was selling a couple cars and ended up trading one for this lil' lady and absolutely fell in love with her. I found mine on Craigslist I had a 1950 Ford up for sale and this guy that had the Beetle that was also for sale. It was located fairly close to me in Macomb Township Michigan and I hoped that we could come up with a deal. We finally worked out a trade, so if I was to put a price on what I paid I'd say it was around $2500.00 for my 1971 Super Beetle. And to top it all off my 6 year old daughter and my wife love it as well. I have done a few things to it since it came home to me. It's got a 1776cc engine, I had it painted, I replaced both of the door panels, repaired the wiring, replaced the fuel level sender in the gas tank, did both of the ball joints, replaced both of the door seals, both of the inner door handles, installed a stereo system and I plan on adding a oil temperature gauge. This is my first Volkswagen but since I've been "bitten by the Bug" I've have been looking at either a Bus project or maybe even a Karmann Ghia! I plan on attending the large Buggie Swap Meet in Lansing Michigan in a few weeks and a few shows this summer including the annual Mid America Motorworks Funfest for VW. My Super is a blast to drive and it gets a ton of looks wherever we go with it. I do not ever see myself selling my Super Beetle and it will definitely end up my daughters car. Until then we will enjoy cruising around and loving every single mile.

Joseph Attard

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