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Jon's 1978 Super Beetle

My dad raised us fixing Volkswagens and I think we've owned 20+ over the last few decades. My older brother and my dad would rebuild Bugs and drive them down to Phoenix for Bug-O-Rama each year. As with most VW fanatics, there are still 2 unfinished projects tucked away in my brother's garage. When my Father retired, he bought my Mother "Buttercup" a 1978 Beetle from some middle-of-nowhere town in Washington state. He spent a couple years fixing it. He removed the fuel injection system, added dual carbs, disc brakes all around, new suspension (with a sensible 2' lowering front and rear) and 8 spoke chrome Empi's. Then...he died. Quite unexpectedly. He sat down to share a beer and watch Jimmy Fallon and just...left. The Bug sat in their garage. My mother took it out occasionally, but could never really enjoy it anymore. So much of my Father was wrapped up into that Bug. My mother recently sold her house and decided the Bug had to go. Luckily, 'it had to go' to me. That meant towing it down from the Seattle area to just outside Los Angeles. Ventura, California specifically. That convertible top is gonna stay down year round now while stretching its legs in the California sun! I'll probably drop it another inch or so and redo the interior in a nice black tweed. I'd love to do a complete repaint with the original color as you don't see this color that often.

Jon Johnson

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