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John's 1972 Super Beetle

I'm featuring my 1972 "Super Beetle" 1302LS for the following reasons:
- I feel she is in "next to new" condition.
- I love the "Bright Orange" paint.
- I'm glad she "found me".
- And most important I'd love to find out more about her - history wise.

So I recently did a "backyard restoration" on a "65" Standard VW. Loved that car, the "0 to 60 Eventually" little motor, the front end recessed headlights (old school look), the manufactured original "crank open sun roof", the simple simplicity of the interior. Didn't want to sale her but I was at one of our (last of the season) Swap Meets, had the "Bug" parked in the "Car Coral" and an offer was made (Godfather Type Offer if you know what I mean) and BANG....she belong to someone else. The search for another "Bug" was on. My goal was to find a "60s" Bug but this time more of a "Wash & Wax" or simply "Wash" if the faded "Patina" was looking good. I didn't want to pick up another "project". The "65", with the new rear panels (shock towers), other panel and mechanical work literally beat me up; I'm getting too old for that stuff; but I remain a "classic car" guy and needed one in the back garage; so again the search is on. I spent that entire fall, into the winter and then came the spring driving from State to State looking at Craigslist and Ebay adds. They all looked and sounded good in the add descriptions and pictures but none "panned out" - literally, if you know VW Bugs, when they don't "pan out" you know what I am talking about. I can write an entire book on what I seen, how they were advertised and what they were and were not. Now; if one wants to spend, $10 to $25K for a classic "60s" "Wash & Wax" Beetle, well they are out there but that wasn't my budget.

Fast forward: During my search or any classic car search you run into all types, models and years up for sale. One such car I ran into was a 1978 MGB (Roadster). This was somewhat interesting simply based on the fact that in 1969 myself and a good friend of mine drove a 1968 Triumph TR6 from Ohio to LA, again another story to be told as for that trip, it was 1969. Now the MGB and Triumph both being "British Sport Cars" have similarities and when I seen the MGB, well a smile came to my face (remembering the 1969 trip). The MGB was stripped down to bare metal, any body work was professionally done and a beautiful 5 stage "Royal Blue" paint job was put on her. During this restoration the entire interior was pulled out and it needed repaired and replaced. I seen the car, realized the hard stuff was done but it was a "project" and as earlier stated I was not looking for anymore "projects". Well, you know us "Car Guys", we can't walkaway from a good deal. I bought the MGB, trailered her home (she's been sitting for 3 years since the previous owner had some health concerns and couldn't finish her she needed going over before driving). I get her into the back garage and start going over the mechanics and planning the interior work. As any good and smart "project guy" you look for others who worked on whatever model you are working on and you find those people on the web. No matter what type of classic you pick up you are going to find a "group" of those people; from Ford Pinto to Chevy Vega to MGB to VW, the groups are out there and ready, will and able to share information.

I end up on an MG group web site. Showing and explaining my MGB and what she needs and my plans. Some great useful information was shared. In my post I explain that my plans are to finish the MGB, get her back on the road and looking good and then "flip" here and once again begin my search for a classic "60s" VW Beetle. While on a business trip, out of State, on my way back from Georgia to Ohio my cell phone rings. On the other end I hear: "Hey, is this the guy with the MGB". I pause and reply yes it is. The caller states that he seen the car on the MGB site, noted that once complete I'm going to sale her and I'm looking for a VW, a "Wash & Wax" VW. I agree and he says he has the car I am looking for. I explain that I am out of State and the MGB isn't complete, he understands and ask when I will be back in town. We'll we agree to meet that weekend. He drives in from Pittsburgh, PA to Ohio and pulls in my drive with this beautiful 1972 VW Super Beetle. I was pleased and displeased at the same time. Yes the Bug is beautiful but it isn't a "60s" Bug and it is a "Super Beetle". Now for us VW Beetle guys; well the Super Beetle somewhat got, gets a bad rap. "Fat Chicks" as they are often referred to and it wan't the "60s" look. He shows me the car, we walk to the back garage and I show him the MGB, that "Royal Blue" paint shining like jewel. I once again explain what I have done, show him she's running like a top but the interior is not finished. He agrees asked if we can pull her out an take her for ride. We both jump into each others' classic and have our own "mini car cruise" around the neighborhood.

Got allot of yells "nice car" and allot of "thumbs up". I thought they meant the MGB and I'm sure he thought they meant the VW. We get back to my house; he says he loves the MGB, I say I like the VW but it's not what I am looking for; then came the "Godfather Offer" and BANG, I own a 1972 VW Super Beetle 1302LS and the MGB is getting done somewhere in Pittsburgh, PA. That is how I ended up with this beautiful 1972 VW 1302LS Super Beetle. If anyone recognizes the car and knows a little more about her I'd appreciate the information. I know the previous owner had her for 9 years (Pittsburgh, PA), he did give me some information as to what has been done but I'd love to know where she landed when she came to USA (found out that was in 10/1971), where she spent (other than the past 9 years) her life etc. Hope you enjoyed my journey and how I got the Bug!

John P. Leseganich

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