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Jeff's 1966 Beetle Cabrio

This red '66 cabrio is my current Beetle. What more can be said about this one? It's the most fun I've legally had in a Vdub :) I bought it from a guy in California and then drove it back across the country to NY where I was living at the time. It's been driven coast to coast and from NY to Texas (border to border in the US). Have a boo at the attached pics of what 7 days of crazed resto madness will yield :)

- body off chassis (this only took me one day)
- new pans both sides (one morning - plasma cutter and MIG in hand)
- brake job
- new dual carbed 1776cc engine that is maxed out and very sweet to drive :))
- new German paint (BMW 2002) called "Hell Red" - seemed fitting for a cabrio built in June of 1966 (6.66) (ouch on the $$$$)
- new meats at all four corners on my EMPI wheels I had before (lower profile up front, wider in rear)
- German, Euro signal lenses to match euro headlight lenses
- Robri styled fender guards
- new EMPI T-shifter (I LOVE this shifter!)
- new black basket weave seat upholstery
- new charcoal carpeting, including the trunk
- full-tilt insulation and sound proofing through out plus cabrio engine bay firewall kit
- new cabrio and body seals
- new bumper components (blades and over-riders were beaten mercilessly by the boys 'learning to park')
- new KYB shocks (lowered up front) at all four corners
- new windshield (don't ask) :( (tried to save the seal - Doh!)
- restored, period-correct radio

In the pics she's sitting up a bit higher in front. I have since (this week) lowered her about 1.5" and will probably lower her a bit more yet until I'm satisfied with stance and tire clearance. All in all, I'm very happy with the results. It was crazy hours for 7 days (8am-2am and then Thursday morning straight through to Saturday morning without stop and I had help from just about every reVOLKS staff that dropped by) and except for the rear cabrio hood-to-body piping which was beaten up, I finished exactly 7 days to the hour after I began...

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