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Jeff's 1972 Super Beetle

About three years ago while visiting family in North Carolina, my wife and I drove past the ugliest 1972 Super Beetle I had ever seen. It was sitting in someone's front yard with a For Sale sign in the windshield. It was three different colors of blue with splotches of brown paint that looked like it had been applied with a roller. However, something about that little car stuck in my mind. For the rest of my vacation, all I could think about was that car. Towards the end of my vacation, I stopped to look at it and ended up buying it. Once I got it home to Florida, I drove it around for about a month while buying tools, books, and Bug Me videos. By the time I had watched volume 3, "Type I Engine Rebuild" enough times where I had memorized it line by line, I went to my garage and two hours later my engine was sitting on the floor. Rather than rebuild that one, I decided to build a new one. After shopping around, I finally bought most of my pieces from Mid America Motorworks. Little did I know, I was about to quickly get in over my head. On his videos, Rick made everything look so simple. When I was staring at boxes full of springs, bolts, rings, spacers, and a little rubber thing that looked like a half eaten doughnut, the panic first set in. Luckily I had the Internet, books, videos, and the local VW shop for references. There were a few times when I got stuck and had to pay the pros to bail me out.

After a year and a half of tinkering when I had free time, towing it to various body shops, and many Band-Aids and beers later, she was finally complete. Sporting a new 1776 with dual Weber 44's, new electrical system and wiring, new paint and body work, and lots of chrome polish, on October 6, 2006, she hit the road for the first time. Wherever we go, we always get waves and it brings joy to me seeing little kids punching each other in the arms playing the time honored game of "Punch Buggy". Every time we stop for gas, I get stories from various people of their Volkswagen experiences. The common element among all of them, "I wish I had never sold mine." I once even had a guy offer to buy her while I was still pumping gas!! Having sold my first Bug, I know exactly how they feel. Second chances do not come around very many times. This one is a permanent part of the family. We have already had many adventures together and plan on many more. For updated pictures and the continued saga of the whip.


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