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Jason's 1973 Super Beetle

This Super was bought by this old lady back in '73 to tootle around town in, little did she know that she got a very limited production 1303 Super Beetle Sport Beetle! It then went to her grand children who bought it off of her and we are pretty sure that they almost drove her into the ground... Then it got passed on to the guy we bought it from and he did a good bit of work to it before he had to sell it because he was moving. My mom went over to the house he and his wife were living in to see if she could list it, since she is a Realtor and a listing agent, and there it was sitting in the drive way! My mom had known that I had been wanting a Beetle for quite sometime now and one day she took me over for a look, and it was love at first sight. I had to have it, no ifs ands or buts, no looking at other vehicles. From the first time I sat in it, it was an instant bonding, like it had been waiting for me all this time to unlock its potential and bring it back to road worthy specs.

So after much deliberation between my parents and I, we bought for it $1000 and immediately we had to drop 1300 into it and to get the steering box and brake lines replaced. It was yellow and white in a poorly , poorly done two tone fashion. There was primer all over the front end and the yellow paint was mismatched in many areas along with two holes. One behind each fresh air eyebrow vent behind the 1/4 windows. After a year or two, I finally got up the courage to start doing some of the body work and I refilled the holes and then I took some sand paper to most of the finish to rough it up a bit and I primed it. At last one color! Before that I re painted the wheels aluminum since the wheels had been painted yellow, but each wheel was a slight shade off from the other.... I drove it everywhere as usual. This year while I had the bumpers off because I was priming it, I got rear ended at a top light. I guess it was fate because I got enough money from the accident to not only fix it but paint it as well! So we had it painted and I bought those beautiful towel rail bumpers and special adapter brackets and put em on.

Everything was wonderful in the world till she was vandalized! They busted 4 windows and a fender, but she is back for action as you can see from the picture! Oh and one thing I forgot to mention, the bug had some how managed to stay in the same neighborhood before we bought it! Incredible! Well sorry I took the long winded approach to my info, but I feel that it is just to interesting a story , of course then again it is my car after all! Looks like she will be going in for some tranny work some time this week hopefully! Poor car, but she'll be better than before when I get her back!

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