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Greg's 1973 Super Beetle

I have only owned it, since about 3rd March, this year, and had intended to keep it, as I have always loved Beetles, and  it will be a good investment,as the years go by, but I am unattached at the moment, and I have another form of transport ( my motorcycle!) and I don't get to drive the Beetle very often.  I was the proud and happy owner, of a '75 Super Bug "L", for some years, around 20 yrs ago, and have often wished that I had never sold it! I had seen my current "Commemorative" model Bug, around town, for some years, and admired it very much. A friend noticed that he had seen it down town, with what looked like a tiny, hand written "For Sale" sign, stuck inside the rear window, but the writing was so small, that, from his moving vehicle, he couldn't be sure. It turned out, that he knew her, although not well, as he had done some volunteer work with her, in the local "Salvation Army" store, some years before! He also knew the block of flats, that she lived in, but not the flat number.  I was, of course, extremely eager, to locate her, before to many people became aware, that it was for sale. Within 2 days, I had found her, and about 1 hour later, I was the new, proud owner! I think she was quite sad to see it go, as she bought the car, when she was 36 yrs old, and she had owned it, for 36 yrs. She is now 72 yrs old. I asked her why she was selling "Noddy", as she used to call the car, (some kids had apparently exclaimed, upon seeing it, some years before; "look, there goes the Noddy car, and the name stuck!) and she said that at her age, she now wanted a car with automatic transmission, and air conditioning. I think, if "Noddy" had had these "luxuries",she would have kept him ! It is in fact, the only car she had ever owned, up to that point. Her son helped her choose the car, in 1973, before she had ever had a drivers licence! Her first husband had walked out, on she and the children, and they were surviving, at that time, on what was then called, a "deserted widows' pension. She had a 2nd, small, cleaning job, at night, and needed a car, to help ferry herself, and her family, around Sydney, where they lived, at the time. She now had this less than 1 year old Beetle, but needed a licence, to drive it. She was 36 yrs old, and had rarely, if ever, driven a car before. She failed the driving test, on the first 3 occasions, and was successful, on the 4 visit, and she and the kids were mobile!

She met the man, who was later to become her 2nd husband, some years later, and they moved from Sydney, in 1981, to the NSW country town where they both lived. her husband passed away, in 2003. She still lives here, and is in good health, and still does regular volunteer work, at local charitable institutions.He was originally from the U. K., and had been a mechanical engineer, in the Air Force, working on all kinds of ground vehicles, and continued to work, as a motor mechanic, in this town, until he retired. He looked after the Beetle, for over 22 yrs, including stripping and reconditioning the motor, in1995. He was a very bright and fastidious man, whose hobbies included building his own telescopes, even grinding his own lenses for them. When he passed away, some of his larger instruments (i.e. 2-3 ft tall,) sold for around $6,000.00.  A lovely, personal story, and history, don't you think?All I have done to the Beetle, is spend  probably 2-3 hours, cleaning up the complete interior, with warm water and mild detergent, and polishing up the chrome work (bumpers, etc) I have had the motor professionally washed. I have removed the wheels, and spray painted the rims myself, as they were not done, when it was repainted (Antarctica White) around Xmas 2007. I also had the black stripe, that was originally on the front and rear bumpers, refitted. It needed a new, left hand side sun visor clip, and the driver's side quarter vent window opener was broken. I have replaced these items. The interior  paint is original, and I have used a "touch up" paint, to make tiny chips, on dash and doors, less visible. It is not expensive, to have the interior  professionally repainted, at a later date, as you would know. The only other things not perfect, are the bumpers. They are the original bumpers, and carry the scars of 37 years use, as a "daily" driver vehicle. They are pretty good, considering, but have a few dents, and there is a small amount of "pitting" about 6 inches across, only on the top of one side, of each of the bumpers.The only other imperfection, is the top of the rear seat, where the sun has blackened, but not cracked, a couple of areas there. A local auto trimmer has quoted me $77.00, to replace this small section. (I'd love to see a rear louvre, in the back window!)

Greg Mooney

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