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Dave's 1971 Super Beetle

I bought the car from a woman in '97. Her husband bought the car new in November 1971 in Burbank, California. He drove it daily down there until 1995 when he passed away. The wife moved back to Canada with her son and brought the car up with her for her son to drive when he was old enough. The son didn't have the same interest in the car that her late husband did so the car sat unattended. A mutual friend told me about the car and I made arrangements to meet with the woman. After showing me the bill of sale, service records, receipts for parts, and photos of the car throughout it's life I paid her exactly what her husband had paid for the car back in '71 and promised her that it was going to a good home. Over the following two years the body mods were finalized. All the body work was done the old fashioned way. A lot of hammering and lead to finish.The interior was also cleaned up by shaving the dash board clean all all switches and relocating them to the glove box. Since the car was finished in late August 2000 we've covered 2,000 miles with a smile on my face the entire way.

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