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One "Grande" Super Beetle

When I was in university, in the '80s, I used to have a 1962 Beetle which I loved and completely restored to mint condition. In those days one of my classmates drove a tangerine Super her dad had, and I thought it was an amassing re-design of the Beetle. It was my dream car ! But shortly after I finished my studies, tempted by the idea of having a "new" car, I sold my '62. Despite driving since then several Golfs and a Passat, I always missed my Beetle... One day last year I read on the CBC website that the Pope's Rabbit was up for sale on eBay and, out of curiosity, I decided to check it. Couldn't find it, but instead I ran into an auction for a beautiful viper green Super Beetle La Grande Edition... and in Ottawa of all places ! Went to see it, loved it, bought it! She is in quite good shape, "Good from far but far from good" though. But everything is still there despite a nasty repaint job and not a lot of good maintenance. My goal is to restore her to "stock" condition with a couple of technical upgrades here and there. One of the most difficult things will be to find out what the original seat cover colour was for this particular model. For now, I enjoy driving my Beetle during the summer time as a daily driver and slowly getting the parts I need to restore it. And maybe at one point we'll be able to get our cars together with Wayne and have his Harvest Gold, plus a metallic blue La Grande at one of Ontario's Bug shows. Like in the picture of the original brochure, that'll be neat!

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