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Cory's 1971 Super Beetle

This is my 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle and the joy of my life, besides my wife and kids. My story starts at a young age when I first saw "The Love Bug" - I was hooked! After that I always knew that my first car would be a Bug. Well it didn't happen exactly that way. I didn’t get my first Bug until I was 25 and it had been sitting in a barn for 18 years. It was a 1965 Standard Beetle, and it needed way to much work and time that I didn’t have so I searched for another one and found a 1972 Super Beetle that had no motor and no fenders. Needless to say I drove three hours and towed it home and now had my second Bug and this one I started fixing.I bought a new motor for it from Just Vee Dubs in California and dropped it in, then went on the fenders and everything was shaping up good until I hit a money crunch and had to sell it. I regretted it every day. Two years later I traded a 1995 GMC for my 3rd Bug it was a 1959 Standard Beetle and it was real pretty. It was two tone blue and white a just had a little rust. When I picked it up and started home with it, it broke the belt on the interstate and I thought, "Not another setback!" But it wasn't anything major and it was back and running the next day. I kept the '59 for about a year when the previous owner called out of the blue and wanted to buy it back saying that, "That he regretting ever selling it". He offered me more than I paid for it including the 1995 truck that I traded him and so he took it back.

My wife by this time said, "No more Bugs" but I knew that I would have another one. And so the search began again. I really wanted one that was already restored but they were all out of my price range, so the search continued. Then I heard about a lady who had a 1971 Super Beetle for sale. She said it ran but she hadn't been started it in two years. So I went to look at it. When I got there it looked quite sad, all of the tires were flat and it just looked neglected. After talking with her we made a deal and I put it on a trailer and took her home.Then next day I boosted the battery and after two years of not running and two cranks of the starter, she fired right up and blew a huge wasp nest out of the muffler!! So that’s my story, I am currently installing new floor panels and then the real fun begins. She will be converted into a Herbie replica. It's always been my dream to own a Herbie so by gosh I will make my own.

Cory W
Bentonville Arkansas

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