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Chris's 1972 Super Beetle

I bought this 1972 Super Beetle that I found on eBay a month before my 15th birthday. It had fresh paint of the original yellow. The interior was trash and it ran like an old truck. My friends thought that I was crazy but I loved it.I started working in the beginning in March. When the weather got nicer I began stripping the interior down to the floor pans. It was then that I noticed that I had a 6x2 inch rust hole in my rear passenger side floor pan, I cut it all off and treated the surface rust. I didn't feel that a new floor pan was necessary, so I did a patch. I attached a large piece of sheet metal around the hole and another underneath; I riveted it on along with a special sealant to not allow water between the pieces of metal. By the time all of that was done it was spring and I gave the engine a tune up. It still ran bad, so I decided to make the car look nicer first. I concentrated on the interior once again, and replaced the carpet, door panels; seat covers, repaired the dash, and replaced the headliner. Then I replaced the quarter window seals and the windshield.