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Byron's 1972 Super Beetle

 My interest in VW bugs started 14 years ago after reading the July 1988 issue of VW trends. A month later I was the proud owner of a rather sad looking but solid, rust free 72 Super Beetle. I completed all the work on the car myself including the bodywork and paint. (with the assistance of a few buddies of course )This was my first attempt at restoring/customizing a car,so it was learn as you go. The first order of business was to replace the right front fender, bonnet, windshield and decklid. The floorpan was in perfect shape so it was given a fresh coat of paint inside and out. I shaved the front latch handle, front signal lights, chrome trim, and added a sunroof .

The bumpers were replaced with chrome nerf bars. The front was lowered 2 and1/2 inches and the rims were changed out in favor of empi 8 spokes, painted to match, with 3 spoke knock-offs.The tire combination is 195-50-15's up front and 205-60-15's out back. After many hours(more like years) of sanding the car, it was painted 79 corvette yellow. (that was about 10 years ago) I repainted the car again this spring. As for the interior, I made new door panels, replaced the carpet, put in a grant steering wheel and changed out the seats for custom buckets. The engine was fully chromed but left stock except for a pair of dual kadron carbs and a 009 distributer. I am really pleased with how the car turned out, but it took a lot longer to complete than i figured it would.It is so nice to be out cruising the streets on those beautiful sunny days. For the people with cars in progress, don't give up and enjoy the work along the way. It is well worth it.

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