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Lyndon's 1977 Super Beetle Cabriolet

I don't know whether you've guessed but I'm from the UK. I'm sure the lack of sunshine was a bit of a give away. Well a little about the car. She was christened 'Betty' by my girlfriends children, she's a 1977 karmann convertible, imported from the US 5 years go. It was fully restored at the time and also converted to RHD, the car is almost stock apart from the wider wheels and new unleaded engine, which was fitted in May after the original blowing up on a long run to Brighton in the south of England. As for future plans for the car. It will soon be taken off the road for the long winter, so during it's time in the garage it's to have a new roof (in black canvas), the wheels are to be changed for something a little more subtle and original, I've aquired a full leather interior with sports seats and I have also been working on a less than stock type 4 lump for the last 6 months.

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