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Brad's 1975 Super Beetle

I've always wanted a vintage "toy" to play with. I've always wanted an antique car, motorcycle, or boat. I enjoy fixing and building projects. On our vacation this past summer, my wife and I were driving though Buckhorn Ontario. We camp every summer and visit family and friends in the Peterborough area. We came across a 1975 Volkswagen Super Beetle convertible parked at the side of the road with a For Sale sign on it. We had to stop and check it out. The car was, from what I could see, in fantastic shape. It was obvious it was well looked after and was totally stock and in original condition. We continued onto the campsite with the phone number from the For Sale sign in hand.

"Basic Black" (as we call her) is just that. She's black in colour and basic (as every Bug should be). She's a 1975 Super Beetle convertible with 75,000 original miles. The car is in perfect shape. Apart from the paint job it had a few years ago (from red to black) it's still all original. Coker white walls were installed by the guy we bought it from and I think they give it that vintage look I like. The interior is original and in great shape, (except for the burn hole in the back seat upholstery from the battery shorting out on the seat springs during a ride to Dairy Queen back in August with my wife, daughter her boyfriend. There was smoke, burnt pants, panic and all, but everything turned out just fine). We are looking forward to the new year when the weather gets good. Get "Basic Black" out of hibernation, put the top down, and enjoy many rides on a hot, sunny afternoons. This girl is for pleasure only.

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