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Benjamin's 1979 Super Beetle

After purchasing a '72 Beetle when I was 18 as my first car (15 years ago) my relationship began. From there I fell in love with Golf's. A friend of mine had a '93 Karmann Cabriolet Golf and I went for a drive and fell In love with it. I said to her if you ever sell the car, then I want it. We lost contact and about 5 years later I answered a classified ad in the local paper and it was her with the car. So I told her ' well now I am coming to get my car'.

I had this car for many years, but needed something with air conditioning. I have always loved the VR6 Golf and looked on the net and found one on a local classified car website. This was a local one and the car has only done around 80,000km for a 1995 model in pristine condition for its age. Still feeling under vw nourished, I wanted another cabriolet and I have always loved the beetle cabriolet. I was driven around in one as a child as my godfather imported one from the states and had it converted to RHD. I fell in love with this one as a child which inspired me to get the original '72 Beetle.I have looked at thousands on EBAY in the USA and UK. Every night when I got home, this is all I would do. I was looking at the exercise of importing but it was a very costly exercise, then if I got one from the USA I would also have to convert it. It was quite risky also buying a car and having it shipped over without seeing it first. I spoke to a few people in the states who had immaculate Karmann Cabriolets and they shared the same passion for them as I do. It was a great connection. I found one on a local website in Sydney. I flew to look at it as I am from Adelaide, and flew straight back. My friends thought I was crazy as most people fly to Sydney for a holiday. Anyway I looked at this Cabriolet and wanted to cry. It looked beautiful in the pictures, but when I got there, I tried to see potential in it, but I would have had to hand it to a crash repairer or restorer and throw them a bucket of money to get it how I wanted it. I had to also justify that it was over 30 years old and wasn't going to be perfect and yet they were asking more than what I paid for my VR6 which has many more features etc.

So I flew home empty handed and disappointed. I let it go for a while, thinking that it was just a unreachable goal. I was again looking at EBAY UK and USA and also an Australian website and I found another one in Sydney. I rang the owner straight away and as immediately excited as it looked fantastic in the photo's and was pretty much a genuine original. I flew out the next weekend and looked at it and fell in love. I bought the car there and then and had it trucked back to South Australia. The night I got it the car broke down, the result was there was rust in the fuel tank, which the previous owner had rarely driven. The end result is the it needed a complete engine recondition, which put me out of pocket a lot more than I expected.After the engine recondition, the fuel filters kept getting rust in them effecting the fuel injection system, which didn't give me much confidence in driving it long distances and made me very nervous about driving it at all in case it broke down again. Only this week I have purchased a new fuel tank from the USA and had it shipped over to South Australia. It has been my biggest and most expensive project yet, but when I look at the car, money doesn't come into it. The sound of the engine and driving in the country with the roof up or down is completely exhilarating. It is such a simple car, but beautiful, alive and strong. The looks I get from people I get and the waves and tooting of horns when they see it is embarrassing and now the weather is warming up, it is great with the top down.

This is a car which won't sit in the shed, it is driven at least a couple of times a week, including wet weather. My opinion is that it is a Volkswagen and it can handle anything I throw at it, including weather. I have also had some cibie H4 lights fitted which are a park, low beam and high beam light for night driving. When I put the parkers on, all 4 lights come on and it just glows and looks fantastic. Sorry if I am boasting, but I feel like a kid in a lollie shop when I drive this car. I wouldn't sell it for the world.

Benjamin Bruce

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