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Anthony's 1974 Super Beetle

This is Bella. She is a '74 Super Beetle and I have had her a little over a year now, she is my second air-cooled Bug. My girlfriend refers to her as being a Blue Eyed Beauty, named after the blue beam projected from her headlights at night. She is my project/daily driver. The paint job gets a lot of looks up and down the freeway. I didn't paint it, but I won't change it either. I love it when younger kids pull on on their parents arm while pointing at my baby. But it is more of a joy when I turn the engine over and that Empi Stinger makes Bella's presence known. As with most projects the list of things I would like to install is much longer than the work I have done to her. She does have aftermarket head lights, not I'm sure what brand. I installed black head light rings from CIP1 where I ordered the Empi Street Stinger from. The tail lights are also aftermarket, again I am not sure of the brand. These I purchased them from Oval's Motor Sports in Federal Way, WA.

Halloween night I took my girl and her oldest son out trick-or-treating. After all the tricks had been played and all the treats had been acquired we decided to head home. We had not made it that far when some (insert your own adjective here) ran a stop sign and hit us right behind the right rear tire. He pulled around in front of us and stopped. After making sure everyone was okay I reached for the door handle, at the same time the (insert your own adjective again) person that hit us took off. I wasn't going to stand for this, so I took off after him. Instantly I told my girl to call 911. As soon as I let the clutch out I heard the most awful grinding sound but it didn't seem to affect the car other than the noise. I did get close enough to the van that hit us to tell that it didn't have a license plate and only a temporary registration tag in the back window. After a short chase I realized that I was probably not going to get my hands on this guy and the police dispatch lady on the phone told us to pull over and wait for the authorities. So with all reluctance I figured they were right and I should stop.

We pulled into a local gas station and waited. After about 25 minutes or so the police finally showed up. I showed them the rear bumper which was broken on one side (hence the grinding noise), the rear fender that is now all bent to hell, and the engine tin that had started to rub on the the lower pulley. Now when we left our trick-or-treating spot we drove pass three different police units. We had only made it about six or seven blocks down the road before being hit. And to top it all off shortly after the first policemen showed up and started questioning us as to what had happened a second police car comes and stops behind the first one. He proceeds to tell the first two policemen that he saw an orange Bug screaming down the road with sparks trailing behind it following a white van with a brown stripe. I looked the cop dead in the eye and asked, "Well, didn't 'ya think it might be a good idea to pull me over?" Needless to say the van got away. I parked the car for a few weeks to decide what to do with it. Luckily it was just a bent wheel and I had a spare. So Bella is back on the road now and we are patiently waiting for the Cruise for the Cure later this year.

Anthony & Bella

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