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Adolfo's 1972 Super Beetle

This is my newly renovated 1302s. It used to be silver in color, but it happens that a lot of Bug lovers from my country copied the color of my Bug so I decided to go with something completely different. Now that I am racing with my Bug, I thought that I needed to change the color more accordingly. This was a used 1972 1302 Super Beetle that we bought to use as a daily driver. Once we fixed it up a bit we put it to work. It was a salesmens car for ten years and was driving all over the country. I got the car about five years ago after the ten years of punishment, So I had to fix it again. It was still painted silver at that time, and a year ago we were to fix all the rust spots on the car and that is when I decided to change the color. There were way to many silver Bugs in our club so I painted my Beetle in a black and orange combination.I changed the engine for a 1778cc with a 120 cam and 2 Webber 44´s carburetors. So now it's running very nice we are racing on the race track four times a year and it is a  lot of fun. Hope you like it!

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