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Get your Super Beetle Featured!

We are currently looking for Super Beetles to be featured in 2024 and yours could be one of them. To be featured we'll need the story of you and your Super Beetle long with some great pictures of it. Writing your VWs story is simple, just start off with how you got into VWs. Some people remember riding in their parents or grandparents Beetle and some just fell in love with the shape of the world's most famous car. Talk about what you have done to your Super Beetle and what your future plans might be. To get an idea of what to write take a look at this months feature Super Beetle.

Once your story is done take a few great pictures of your Super Beetle. Before and after pictures are great and you should include just about any other creative picture you can think of. The longer your story is the more pictures we really go for it! Daily driver or a trailer queen, no problem! Remember the pictures need to be 500x375px at the very least and the better the quality of the pictures the better your Super Beetle will look when everyone stops by to see it!

You can write the story in the body of your email or send it as an attached word document with the pictures attached separately. Send this off to us and please don't forget to include your name and the year of your 1302/1303 Super Beetle. Remember there are only twelve features Super Beetles per year so write us today. If you've got a Standard Beetle or any other type of air-cooled Volkswagen you can get featured at our sister site! Happy Beetling! Beep! Beep!

Contact us today with some pictures and info about your Super Beetle:

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